Chase Stokes Revealed His Relationship With Co-Star Madelyn Cline On Instagram & Everyone Is Freaking Out (Including His OBX Castmates)

by Allison Lindsey
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Ever since Netflix dropped their new original series, Outer Banks, earlier this summer, fans have been obsessed! There is so much to love about this visually gorgeous show and its equally gorgeous cast. The thrilling teen drama has been binged by, well, just about everybody. The show’s actors have been all anyone can talk about since. It’s the perfect summertime show that takes place on the beaches of coastal Carolina. In the show, Chase Stokes’ character–John B (a Pogue)–falls in love with Madelyn Cline’s character–Sarah Cameron (a Kook)–and the two star-crossed lovers go on quite an adventure together.

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The couple is a fan favorite and left many dedicated OBX viewers speculating about their relationship IRL. The chemistry felt just a little too real and it turns out–fans were right! After staying quiet about their relationship for quite some time, Chase posted a photo of the two having a beach dinner date on his Instagram yesterday. The caption reads “cats outta the bag <3 .” This public announcement of their real-life love was met with a flood of “we knew it!” comments and about a million heart emojis! Fans are FREAKING out (rightfully so).

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cats outta the bag ❤️

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There’s a lot to love about these two, one of which is how smitten they are with each other. Madelyn looks absolutely gorgeous in this candid photo (surprise, surprise). That girl looks effortlessly stunning 110% of the time. However, perhaps the best part of Chase’s Instagram announcement is the reaction from their Outer Banks co-stars, who had quite a lot to say:

We couldn’t agree more, Jonathan!

IRL, Topper is all for this relationship!

It might get a little complicated to adopt Rafe…What do you think?

Stop it, Madelyn! Our hearts can’t take any more cuteness!

Well put, Rudy. Simple, yet effective.

The biggest OBX fangirl/fanboy, is the person who runs the OBX Instagram account.

We hope to see more of Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline and their sweet new relationship on our social media soon, especially now that the secret’s out! Outer Banks fans and their fellow actors couldn’t possibly be happier for them. Now the only questions on our minds are: how many more days until the next season? And if you haven’t watched the first season of this Netflix original yet, what are you waiting for?

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