Cheap, Affordable Bedrooms Changes You Can Make

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Your bedroom is your private sanctuary, where you can go if you want some space to yourself. You can spend a lot of time in there so you can get used to looking at the same stuff all the time. It’s easy to get bored of it and wish for a change. But you don’t always have a lot of money to redesign your room, especially if you get the urge to do it on a regular basis. So how can refresh your bedroom if you only have a small budget, or maybe even no budget? Luckily, there are some quick and affordable changes you can make.

Refresh Your Clothes Storage

Apart from your bed, your bedroom is probably mostly taken up by storage. You need places to put your clothes, whether you fold them or hang them up. You can get a bit bored of some of these storage items, such as your wardrobe or drawers. Getting rid of them and buying new ones all the time isn’t exactly an option, but there are other things you can do. One thing you can try is painting or varnishing your furniture to give it a new color or just freshen it up. If you don’t feel like painting, try some new handles, line your drawers or just find some new items to put on top of your furniture.

Choose Quality Bedding

The appearance of your bed can make a huge difference to how your room looks. A super quick and easy way to give your bed a new look is to change the bedding. There are so many different options out there so you can choose from different materials, quality, and patterns and colors. Your bed should feel good as well as look good, so next time you choose some new king bed sheets, think about buying some that will last and feel great on your skin. Egyptian cotton is often regarded as offering the best quality, especially if you choose sheets with a high thread count.

Add a Feature

Is your bedroom perhaps a little ordinary? If you can’t really think of any special about it, maybe you want to make it more interesting. Adding some sort of feature that will immediately stand out whenever you walk into the room can make a big difference. And it doesn’t need to be an expensive item that you buy. You can choose a DIY project to give your room some oomph without spending too much money. Some ideas include making a headboard or perhaps a feature mirror. Whatever you choose to have, put it somewhere prominent so that it will catch your eye.

Lift Up with Lighting

Lighting can make a big difference to any room, but it’s especially effective in the bedroom. You don’t always want to have your room lit up completely, so it’s good to have various lighting options. You might have a main light but also have lamps and perhaps even fun lights like a string of fairy lights. You can find all kinds of interesting lights to use around your bedroom, such as LED lights in corks that you put into any glass bottle to turn it into a lamp. Have fun with different lighting options to see what you can do.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes just moving things around a bit is excellent to create change. Just shifting your furniture, so it’s in different spots can make your bedroom seem like a whole different room. Move your bed to a different wall, swap your wardrobe with your dresser or maybe even move in some furniture from another room. Got a favorite chair in the living room? Try it out in your bedroom instead (providing you’re not taking it from your roommates).

Change Some Little Details

It only takes a few small changes to transform your bedroom. Things like changing the handle on your door or your furniture can have a significant impact. Putting a couple of new items on top of your dresser makes everything seem less plain. A plant on your bedside table can add some green to your personal space. You don’t have to do anything extreme if you want to refresh your bedroom. With just a few dollars you can make it look hugely different. Use your imagination to come up with some things you can change to create a new bedroom.

You don’t need a huge budget if you want to reimagine your bedroom. Think about how you can make some changes for less or even for free.

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