Chris Pratt: How He Makes His Marriage to Anna Faris Work

by Sarah Ruhlman
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It really happened, I got the chance to interview Chris Pratt on a press trip for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  During the interview Pratt reveal exactly how he keeps his marriage going strong.  He shared advice we can all use in those important relationships.

“I think you don’t have to be present to be a presence – [especially] with technology now, Facetime, little things like that. Checking in every day, and nurturing your relationship with your spouse – not making it just about the kids is important.”

Pratt explains that while his little one means the world to him, he knows the importance of quality time with the important woman in his life.  “We were just in London, and I hadn’t seen them in a while, but they got to come visit me, and stay with me for a few weeks. [Anna and I] took a weekend trip for ourselves to go to Paris, and left Jack behind. It was good for us to be out there by ourselves.”

He keeps it simple and is so relatable.  This hollywood couple is just like every other couple out there trying to make it work.  Pratt sums it up with basic advice that sounds like a perfect combination.

“So, I think, prioritize, and make lists, and probably you’re gonna fail some of the time. Do your best!

There you have it, he makes his marriage work because they both do their best and stay present in each others lives.

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