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by Sarah Ruhlman
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Okay, I finally understand the whole ‘where does the time go‘ reference.  This summer is my 10 year high school reunion! 10 years!!! It does not feel like I have been out of high school for 10 years.  When I saw the invite to my high school reunion it started to make me think about all of my old high school friends that I have lost touch with.

My reunion is late in July, but I don’t really want to wait until then to connect with people. Which is why I’m working with, whose site makes it easy to reconnect with the ability to search by high school and even by maiden name, you’ll be sure to find long lost friends.  I had some fun searching through profiles of people I graduated with.  You can search the site and flip through your yearbook on your laptop, tablet and smartphone, making it possible to see those amazing hairstyles or relish in the glory of that winning shot at the state playoff game. You can even share your favorite memories on social networks. Maybe even old pictures :).


((With all of this high school reminiscing I had to share my high school yearbook  picture.))

It’s going to be so neat to reconnect with everyone from high school this summer.  Even if you don’t have a reunion coming up, you don’t have to wait for a landmark year to coordinate one.  There’s no shortage of reasons to reconnect with high school friends. Why not coordinate a casual summer barbeque with a few pals to reflect on favorite classes, rekindle high school friendships and even network your way to a new job?

Thanks to the convenience of the site, there have been over 5 million members invited to a reunion in 2015 alone.  Now, it’s your turn!! Head over to to connect with your old friends and get caught up in your old high school yearbook. Who knows you might rekindle things with a high school crush or find out one of your high school bffs is living down the street from you!  The possibilities are endless so give it a try! Plus, it’s free to sign up so you have nothing to lose! 


This is a sponsored post by Classmates, all opinions are my own.

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