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Ever left the house in a hurry and realized you’ve left the oven on or worried that the kids are watching TV when they should be doing their homework? This panic could be the thing of the past with a smart home.

Everyone is talking about them but what are they really about and why should you make smart solutions the clever choice for your home?

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The term smart home covers a wide range of features and functions all designed to get your home online and give you more control. It could be as simple as a smart meter that monitors your energy use, providing measurable data that gives you greater control over your energy bills. Or clever lights that turn off automatically when not in use. But what has really got people excited is full home automation where appliances can talk to each other and importantly can be programmed and managed from outside of the home.

Home automation has long been the playground of the rich and famous but as with anything fashion-forward it didn’t take long before more affordable solutions were soon hitting the market and not just for new home builds either. Smart home solutions such as the C-Bus can be retrofitted to any property although given that we are talking about electricity and the real possibility of hurting yourself installation is something you will definitely want to leave to the experts!

What smart home solutions provide then is rock star convenience and comfort with total control over the electrical appliances in your home, completely automating their functions so with one touch you can turn on sprinklers, dim lights or even control the heating for a comfortable return after a long day. The fact that the appliances don’t just talk to you but to each other means that you can program your day so that things are on when they are needed and work together to make your home and life more comfortable. In fact a smart home is a little like having your own personal entourage something we could all do with given today’s hectic lifestyle.

For the tech savvy, smart home systems are addictive with cool features that allow you to even control your sound system and fridge temperature for perfect entertaining. For the eco-minded or thrifty they’re perfect for measuring and managing your energy consumption, ensuring no energy is wasted so you can feel a little smug whilst you sip perfectly chilled champagne!

Smart homes then are not just a fashion fad or a luxury item, the smart home adds real value both to your pocket and the environment – although there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little spoiled as you turn your coffee pot on from the comfort of your bedroom.

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