My Closet Makeover with ClosetMaid


When I moved into my new place, my closet was pretty much just a rod across with a shelf on top…boring.  Not a walk in and nothing special when it came to shelves.  Well, that just wasn’t going to work for me.  So I reached out to my friends at ClosetMaid and they decided to team up with me to help me create a brand new closet.

ClosetMaid graciously sent me an entire system that fit perfectly in my closet space.  I opted for the Pure White with the brand new shaker-style door fronts.  It came shipped to me in a variety of boxes.  I really appreciated how each box had a different section so it was easy to keep it all organized.


After reading the directions, I decided to tackle this project as Miss Independent.  I borrowed the necessary tools, which were described perfectly for me in the directions and got to work.




So I’m going to be completely honest, I was able to get about half-way through with the building process on my own.  The directions were great and everything fit together so well.  However, once I had to start stacking pieces and holding parts together while I connected other parts, I realized I might need a little help.  Therefore, I would suggest doing this closet installation with a little help.  I called in reinforcement and things went smoother.


My very handy friend Grant helped me get the main pieces installed.  With his help, we put up the middle pieces for the center shelf and added the rods.  Trust me, it was much easier with a little help.



After getting the main pieces all up and connected I was able to add the shelf and the drawers on my own.  I am definitely not a build it yourself type person so I appreciated that ClosetMaid provided easy step by step directions.  Check out pictures from my final closet below.  Its Ahhhhmazing.






SuiteSymphony accessories include angled shoe shelves, expandable closet rods, doors, drawers, corner units and top shelves.



I hope these pictures show you just how beautiful this closet really is.  Here is another one from CloestMaid to give you another idea of how these closets can be created for the specific design that you are wanting.


My new closet from ClosetMaid has made my life so much easier.  I feel way more organized and I love being proud of having a chic closet.  I am always showing it to people when the come over and I don’t feel like I have to keep my closet doors closed.  As someone who is constantly busy and heading from event to event, it is so nice to have an organized closet that allows me to find everything I need.  Now, everything has a specific place and it just looks so good.

If you are interested in the SuiteSymphony product I used, here is some more information for you.  It is available in 16- and 25-inch tower kits, as well as additional individual components, the items can be combined to create customized designs for specific storage needs.   This affordable storage system can also be used in areas outside of the closet, such as the home office or family room.  The wood-laminate product is available in a variety of finishes and offers timeless elegance at a DIY price point.   I would for sure recommend the pure white color I used.  It looks so good and gives an expensive feel.

This SuiteSymphony closet system truly is adaptable to any lifestyle and any space.  It took my boring and bland closet into something that I actually LOVE.  If you’re thinking about a DIY closet system I completely recommend it.

Disclosure: ClosetMaid provided me with product for this post.  However, I never promised a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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