Coffee Flavors You Must Try

Who doesn’t love coffee?? Ok there are probably some of you out there that do not, but if you do, this article is for you!!  I have grown to LOVE coffee.  It’s weird, I never really used to drink it…sure I had the occasional Starbucks, but never made it at home.  Until…we bought a Keurig…and the rest if history! Now I can’t even venture to the store without hitting the coffee isle and trying out a new flavor.  I seriously get so excited about this; and do not get me started on seasonal flavors, they are always so yummy!

I wanted to share with you a few of my absolute favorites…and let’s hope they never stop selling them! They are just too good!

1. Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Glazed Donut…one word, ahhh-mazing!  This is THE coffee that I must never run out of!  Yes, I do use creamer at times, ok most of the time, but this coffee is a must have!  Their bakery series is fantastic!

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2. Cocoa Dolce Coffee ~ I just bought several different sample sizes, but when used in a Keurig, you can get 4-5 cups out of each one!  The Caffe De Cocoa, Tazza Di Dolce, and Santo Caffeina are all good, but the Tazza Di Dolce is my absolute fav! Drinking a cup right now actually!  The Tazza is an Ethiopian Coffee this is described as fruity, bright, and wine like…no wonder I love it!  The Caffe is a Mexican/Columbian Blend with hints of honey, caramel, and nut like.  And last but not least, the Santo is a Sumatra blend that is fruity, bright, and dark chocolate second favorite of these three!  Cocoa Dolce is a wonderful Chocolate Shop that sells coffee..the perfect combo, and their Gelato is good too!  That place is dangerous for me!

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3. Cameron’s Coffee ~ This coffee was first introduced to me by my mother-in-law.  When she asked for it for Christmas, I had never heard of it! And then I tried it…of course it was the Holiday Season, so I opted for Peppermint Mocha and WOW, super good!  I recently bought a sample of their Cinnamon Sugar Cookie to try, and let’s just say, it only lasted about 3 days!

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4. Hazelnut ~ Ole Reliable is what I call this flavor!  My husband only drinks this kind, so I usually buy the K-cups for him because he doesn’t want to take the time to mess with the grinds…but it’s definitely a staple in this household!  I love it too, but with my obsession of trying new flavors all of the time, I don’t drink it as much…so lucky for him, he always has it!!

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And to top it off, I have a variety of coffee cups to drink out of!!  But that is whole different story!

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