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One thing that has always somewhat bothered me is the way college students dress to go to class. We all understand that sometimes it’s too early to get all pretty, that you want to be comfortable and that its JUST class but please put a bit of effort to look well put together. Too many students just grab a pair of UGGS, sweats or leggings and a hoodie or tee and they’re out the door. Same thing for the guys, sweats or basketball shorts, some sneakers and a hoodie. It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are countless ways to look nice without having to go all out and look like you’re going to a fashion show. The key things are comfortable and effortless pieces being at the front of your closet. You can rock a simple tee nicely if you just add a statement necklace, and wear sweats without looking bummy by purchasing cute sweats from Forever21, TopShop, and even Macy’s. Since the weather is warming up, go for jeans and a shirt that just makes you comfortable like a cotton button up, or a simple v-neck. For shoes, choose a pair of flats or sandals and if it’s still a little chilly out go for your favorite boots.

Here’s an idea.

There’s a way to look chic and be comfortable. If that doesn’t appeal to you, work around it. Subtract the vest and necklace. Add a sweater instead of the tee. Ditch the purse and use your book bag. Just put in minimal effort to look presentable to go to class. We can all express our personal style while staying comfortable.You’ll thank yourself later on in life, trust me.

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