Common Gardening Mistakes And What You Can do About Them

by Sarah Ruhlman

OK, so you are pretty unlikely to have ‘silver bells and cockle shells’ in your garden like the old nursery rhyme! But apart from that how does your garden grow? Is it looking a bit unhealthy in some corners? Do you have trouble getting certain plants to bloom? Could it do with a little TLC to bring it up to scratch?

If the answer is yes, to any of these questions, read on for some top advice.

Your Soil

Newbie gardeners are often unaware that there are lots of different types of soil. The type can refer to is texture, for example, some places have a lot of clay in the ground, which makes for very hard and impacted soil.

It can also refer to the Ph of your soil, that is the acidity or alkalinity of the ground. This is important because certain plants thrive in certain types of soil. So you need to match them up to be successful.

So many people have problems getting things to grow in their garden because they are planting things that are not going to thrive in the of soil that they have. You can find some more information on it here.

Another issue that few gardens are aware of is the safety of their soil. Sometimes land can be contaminated with things that were present on the site before your home was built there. For example, homes built on old refuse sites (yes this does happen) can have issues with radon gas build up. Which can be dangerous both to your garden and to your family.

To deal with an issue like this, speak to a company that specializes in environmental consulting services. They will be able to detect and remove any contaminants that may be harmful.

Your Light

Another issue when dealing with problems in the garden is light. Too much or too little can be problematic. Of course, everyone knows that plants use photosynthesis to survive so they will need some light.

However, some plants much prefer a shady spot to grown in, such as in the shadow of a tree, or ¬†building. This is usually because they are originally from places that don’t have a lot of direct sunlight. It also means if you put them in too sunny an area their leaves can burn and shrivel, and they certainly will not thrive.

That is why it is essential that you know the conditions that you plants will thrive in before you plant them. It is best to keep to this wherever possible to get the best results.

Garden Design

Another very common mistake the home gardener make is that they plant thoughtlessly, without any view to an overall design. Now, some people prefer a wilder, country garden look, and that is totally achievable, but even a look like this needs to be designed in some way.

To create a gorgeous home garden, you need to consider the color of flowers that you’re putting in and how well they go with one another. The same goes for the shades of green in your foliage.

It is also important to think about height and texture. So make sure that you plant long grassy plants behind shorter shrubs. Or they will overwhelm them, and you won’t get their full effect.

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