Common Mistakes Mac Owners Make

by Sarah Ruhlman
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If you have recently acquired a Mac, you will be getting to grips with the differences between your new computer and your previous model, which was probably a Windows. It can seem like a whole different world. With that being said, we have decided to give you a helping hand. With that being said, continue reading to discover some of the common errors that Mac owners make so that you can avoid making them. 

Failing to learn the basic keyboard shortcuts

There is only one place to begin, and this is not taking the time to learn about the different keyboard shortcuts. There are lots of great shortcuts that will make your life a lot easier when using your Mac computer, so make sure you learn all about them. You can also learn about easy fixes to the most common problems as well. This is a good idea so that you do not end up in a major stress when your computer is not acting in the way you expect it to. 

Not choosing the right anti-virus software

Some Mac owners make mistakes when identifying and assessing security services and products, and several end up picking out erroneous Mac antivirus online software. It is always worth taking a little extra time to ensure the product you choose is up to the job at hand. 

The security hazards that Mac users face are not the same. Some characteristics could be more significant for you than others depending on how you use your Mac. For instance, if you’re considering protection for company computers you have a need for an antivirus for Mac that shields you even if users see questionable sites, open malicious e-mails or install applications without proper care. In case your children are making use of your personal computer, you need parental controls.

You need to be certain that everything you would like is included in the Mac antivirus that you choose. Another common mistake is purchasing a product simply because it’s free or has a low cost. While the price point isn’t a disqualification, you must still make sure it fulfills your conditions and supplies you acceptable protection. Another common error involves not checking on the technical support given by the organization. If you suddenly hit a problem, you need to know that the right help is at hand. It’s also a mistake to believe the detection of a security problem is exactly like protection. Ultimately, you’ll need an item that supplies preventative measures, and so the product’s capability to obstruct possible malware attacks is crucial. 

Looking for an uninstaller and trying to download one when you cannot find this on your PC

If you are a Windows user, you will be used to having to uninstall programs in order to remove them from your PC. Therefore, it is only natural that you would assume that you need to do the same sort of thing when it comes to your Mac PC. However, this is not the case! It is actually a lot easier to remove a program on a Mac PC. All you need to do is send your application to the trash. Once you empty the trash, it should be uninstalled. 

Running a downloaded app from the disk image

Disk images are containers for applications. A lot of new users make the error of assuming that they are the same as an installer. Therefore, they click onto the icon of the app inside the disk image, assuming that this is going to result in the app being installed. However, it will usually just open the application, which has been dragged into your Applications folder prior to it being used. So, once you have dragged the app to your Applications folder, you need to eject the disk image. 

As you can see, there are a number of different mistakes that Mac owners can often make when they are using their PC for the first time. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding these so that you do not end up making the same blunders yourself! From failing to download the correct anti-virus to not learning about the Mac shortcuts; these errors can easily be fixed. 

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