Why You Should Consider Working in the Fashion Industry

If you just love fashion, buying clothes, or giving others styling advice, a career in the fashion industry could be for you. You have so many options working in an industry like this: you could be a catwalk model, clothes designer, fashion blogger, blogger outreach specialist, or something else entirely. You might edit a fashion magazine, or even become a stylist to the stars. Regardless of what career you choose in this industry, you’ll more than likely experience the following benefits:

Always Stay Ahead of the Fashion Pack

Because you’re in the industry, you’ll stay ahead of the fashion pack. You’ll know exactly what’s going to be ‘in’ before the mainstream are wearing it. You can wear it first, and claim that you invented it! Nobody will know! What could be more perfect? Everybody will look to you for style inspiration.

Discover Trends Before Anybody Else

You’ll discover the trends before anybody else, so you can then decide what you want to do with them. Do you want to be acknowledged for being the first to wear a trend like this? Would you rather give this trend a miss? Create your own take on said trend? It’s totally your choice! Again, people will see you as somebody who knows their stuff and will look to you for inspiration and advice.

Get Free Stuff

It’s no secret that a lot of people in this fashion industry get free stuff. Models get to keep some things they wear, and even fashion bloggers get sent ‘blogger mail’. It all depends on how high up you are and how influential you can be. If you’re influential in the industry, you’re going to get more free stuff. Of course, it isn’t all about the free stuff, but it’s a huge bonus.

Get Huge Discounts

Even if you aren’t getting free stuff, you can get big discounts on certain products. You may get emailed a special code you can use to get a percentage off some clothes if you’re a blogger, or if you work in retail you may get a discount for your work clothes. Then there are the jobs that require qualifications, so you might want to look at www.westlondoncollege.com fashion courses.

Invitations to Exclusive Events

There are a ton of events in fashion; catwalk shows, product launches, sample sales and more. In the fashion industry, you might find that you get invitations to exclusive events such as this. This is a great opportunity to find out what’s going to be ‘in’, and to meet new people. You can post pictures, tweets, and blogs about your experiences to share them with people.


Become Known as an Expert

If you make an impression in the fashion world, you could become known as an expert. People such as Gok Wan and Trinny & Susannah are good examples of this. You may not end up with your own TV show, but you might it helpful to have a YouTube channel or blog. You could even share your experience of making it in the fashion industry, how you did it, and more. People would pay for this kind of information, but you can give it away for free and get your name known.

Lucrative Salary

Depending on how experienced you are or the role you have, you can expect to earn a lucrative salary. Even if you decide you’d like to manage a retail store, you could earn a decent living. Plus, if you really love fashion, it won’t feel like you’re working at all!

Opportunities for Progression

There are plenty of opportunities for progression. If you envision working in a role high up the career ladder, you’ll need to start from the bottom and work your way up. If you’re determined, there’s no reason you can’t get to the position you’d like to be in.

Meet Like Minded People

Some people just don’t feel the same way about fashion as we do. I personally can’t understand why. The fashion industry is the best place to meet like minded people. Some people get a bad rep; some can be called stuck up. While this can be true, you’ll find stuck up people in any industry. You can meet some great people too, and friends for life!

Express Yourself

Fashion allows us to express ourselves. We can do that with or without a career in it, but having a career in fashion gives us a reason to do it every day. You’ll have a reason to get up early in the morning. You’ll have fun styling all kinds of outfits and experimenting. You can step outside of your comfort zone, and use fashion as a way to show how you’re feeling. Fashion isn’t just about wanting to look a certain way, it’s making other people feel something when they look at you.

Become Famous on Social Media

Many fashionistas are famous on social media. Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool, and can be used to get more exposure. If you post pretty pictures of your interesting daily life in the fashion industry, as well as outfit pictures, you’ll get plenty of follows and shares. You’ll probably find a lot of people go out of their way to copy your style too, but you should take this as a compliment!

It’s a Great Industry for Arty People

If you’re an ‘arty’ person, but don’t see yourself painting for a living or working in a gallery, the fashion industry is perfect. Many people use fashion as a way to express themselves artistically. Sue Kreitzman is a perfect example of this. She wears art, and although she looks extremely fashionable, doesn’t follow any current trends. Fashion is art. It’s so much more than the latest styles and brands.

Hopefully, this post has given you a few things to think about. Will you be going for a career in the fashion industry? Some require degrees and higher education, others don’t. Whatever you decide, it’s yours if you go after it!

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