Converse: From Classic to Fabulous

Hailee Steinfeld relaxed at the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar After party in her Marchesa dress and red Converse.

What started out as a simple basketball shoe turned into a fashion statement that has survived over the last 100 years. It began in Maldin, MA as a rubber, shoe-making company around 1908. With a mission not to follow the path of other companies, Converse was able to create shoes that can be worn across different styles and sports. The company began to expand throughout many sports such as wrestling, track and soccer, but reached it’s highest fame with basketball. However, Converse reached its highest popularity when Chuck Taylor became the face of the company. As the years went on, Converse became a staple in Rock n’ Roll and associated with the punk and skater lifestyle.

Nowadays, Converse are worn with various styles and have become a part of celebrity fashion. They’re being enhanced with rhinestones, studs and they’re sold in various colors from pink to lime green. Actresses such as Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus and Mary-Kate Olsen have been spotted wearing them with their everyday looks. Celebrities are being photographed more and more wearing the canvas, rubber-soled shoes allowing them to blend with other people. Converse have also made it to the red carpet on the feet of Kristen Stewart and Hailee Steinfeld. The company was bought by Nike in 2003, due to ownership and financial issues, but Nike has been able to keep the true essence of the Converse shoe. They have become more than athletic shoes or a sign of rebellion; they are now a fashion statement for years to come.



Due to her ankle injury, Kristen Stewart decided to dress down her Yigal Azrouel dress with a pair of classic, high-top Converse.

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