Cool, Cute and Comfortable!

Have those days where you don’t feel like putting on a cute outfit? Are you a home-body but you don’t want to look like a couch potato? Well look no further! Here’s a guide on how to dress for those days you’re not feeling the greatest, but you still want to look cute.

  • Graphic Tees- always in style and allow you to show off your personality and individual style; also they provide a loose and comfy fit so the clothes are restricting your body
  • Sweatpants/
    yoga pants- When we hear the word “sweats” it doesn’t give the best connotation in fashion. However, today sweats have become an integral part to many females’ wardrobe. They come in many silhouettes, sizes and designs that any pair of pants will make you look cute!
  • Sneakers/Tennis shoes- Shoes like Converse or Keds give a sleek, classic feel to an already simple look.

*Add a bracelet or necklace as accessories, but not both because you don’t want to dress it up too much.

Never let your mood get you down because there’s always an opportunity to change it through fashion!

With love!

Chelsea Horhn


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    • Julie
    • June 26, 2012

    I love graphic tees and sweats! Its like you wrote this article about me haha

      • Chelsea Horhn
      • June 26, 2012

      I’m soo happy to hear that! I love dressing down but still feeling fabulous haha I’m happy you enjoyed the article 🙂

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