Craft Room Storage Tips

Do you have a craft room? A gift wrapping room? Or maybe a hobby room?  Well if you do, I have some cool ways to keep your items neat, accessible, and ready for use!  Even if you don’t have a whole room to use, any crafter will find these tips helpful too!

I am one of those people who have a lot of different hobbies, so I have a lot of craft supplies. If I don’t see them often, I forget they are there.  The hubs was kind enough to let me take an extra bedroom in our home and turn it into a room all for me and my “stuff” as he would call it. 🙂 But, we all know, that “stuff” is very important… right girls?!

Let’s start with gift wrap and ribbon!  I seem to collect this stuff, and I definitely stock up when it’s on sale! I think I am a gift bag and tissue paper addict!  I can’t help myself!  I always want to be prepared for last minute gifts that I am giving and, of course, they have to be wrapped cutely… just like a professional would do!

I display all ribbon on dowel rods!

photo 1 (40)

This is actually a kitchen organizer for a pantry, but for me, it’s for gift bags and tissue paper!

Odds and ends need to be stored too, right? I bought a cheap white book shelf from Target and split it into two different shelving units.  I use photo boxes to hold extra notecards, craft supplies (like glue and glitter), and paint. They stack nicely and look pretty!

photo 4 (26)

The grey box is from an old workbench that held screws, nuts, bolts. I use it to hold mini cupcake wrappers, stickers, pushpins, paper clips, and whatever you can fit in those drawers! Of course, they are all labeled too! Look for items like these at garage or estate sales. They’re usually cheap and great for storage.

photo 3 (32)

On top of my work desk, I have baskets and trays for storage, which always come in handy. I use mine to hold my address book, labels, notepads, and stamps!  Keep scissors, pens, and pencils in a pretty metal candle holder!

photo 4 (27) photo 3 (33)photo 2 (42)

Now you can have your craft room and enjoy it too!!

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