Criminal Movie Details + 3 Reasons It Is Sure To Be Good

1Sheet_Master.qxdI am so excited about the new Criminal movie.  Criminal is an action-packed movie with an all-star cast including Gary Oldman, Gal Gadot, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, and Ryan Reynolds (just to name a few). There is a big and awesome difference with this movie though. It’s not just your typical action film. It’s an action film that includes somewhat of a romantic detour.  Check out the trailer for a look at the Criminal Movie.

What if you were given the memories of someone who is now gone? Well, that’s what happens in Criminal. A convict is given the memory of a former CIA agent. He has a task to perform and a mission to pursue, but then there are always more memories than just your work memories. The convict remembers the loved ones of the former CIA agent. That’s what’s so interesting and different about this film.

Here are three reasons why I think Criminal has amazing potential to be great:

1.The mix between action and love can end up being awesome.

A lot of time in action movies, the emotional impact of everything that is going on can sometimes be forgotten about. It looks like this movie recognizes it and makes it an important aspect in the film.

2. The cast includes great actors and actresses.

Nothing could be worse than a movie that gets butchered by horrible acting. With the actors in Criminal having been continuously recognized by The Academy, I would be surprised if the acting was anything less than wonderful.

3. April can sometimes be a sub-par month for movies.

It’s after awards season, but before the summer Blockbuster time. So for a movie with this type of potential to premiere during April gives us the opportunity for a much needed change of pace.

I have high hopes for Criminal because of these reasons and just take a look at that trailer.  With the awesome cast and unique plot concept, I hope you all are just as excited as I am for it!

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