Cute Ponytail Ideas {With Videos}

Since it is the gorgeous summertime, ponytail are the quick and easy hair style every girl wears. There are so many differnt fun ways to make the basic ponytail come to life. Anything from the messy ponytail to the perfect sleek back ponytail. It can match any outfit with just alittle imagination and bobby pins. For more a pretty summer look a cute boho ponytail would be best. Make sure the ponytail is more loss with some random curls thrown in there. Also add a cute hairband and some messy braids aroung the hair. A more night look or more put together ponytail, go with the slick straight ponytail, but add some brushed out curls to the bottom. And for the more edgy fabulous girl, try the french braid ponytail. The french braids adds the rocker fauxhawk type look to the ponytail.

Bohemian Chic Wavy Side Ponytail Hair

Loss Curl Ponytail Tutorial

French Braid Straight Ponytail

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    • Tiff
    • July 22, 2012

    I have super short hair so no ponytails for me, but i love these ideas if mine ever grows out!!

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