D.I.Y. Crafts for Summer

Summertime is free time! And what better way to spend your spare time than making crafts that are easy and creative. From house decorations to clothing creations, here are a few D.I.Y. crafts for your bedroom or house to spice up your surroundings.

Confetti Glasses

Use acrylic paint & the back end of a paint brush for the dots. Then put into a cold oven & preheat to 350 – let them sit for 30 minutes. Turn off oven & let the glasses cool inside.

Now you have made hand-painted works of art you can drink from. It can be used for wine  and regular glasses too.

This is perfect for fun and playful houseware without spending much money on buying products that look the same.

Crochet-Trim Seamed Shirt

Courtesy of www.trashtocouture.com

-This is a great clothing idea to create space for those shirts that fit snug on your body and for recycling old shirts.

Materials: T-shirt, crochet trim (however much the shirt needs)

Cut the side seam and and sleeves from both sides of the shirt. Measure the amount of trim you need for the front of the shirt to the back the shirt. Then sew the trim onto the shirt- right sides together. After you sew the trim, lay the shirt flat and pin the trim sides together leaving enough space for an armhole. Lastly, top stitch the new seam from the bottom of the shirt to the armhole opening.

 Decorative Plates

Materials: Mod Podge (glossy), paint brush, jar of water, glass cleaner, paper towels, thin scrapbook paper, glass plates, scissors. pencil, and recycled jars or cans to dry plates on.

Courtesy of www.frugalflourish.blogspot.com

First, clean the bottom of the plates with the glass cleaner. Wipe dry and trace the outline of the plate on the pattern-side of the scrapbook paper. Cut out the circle and make 4 slits into the circle, but don’t cut all the way into the center. Then cut 4 more slits in the center of the first set made. Mod Podge the bottom of the plate and place the paper face down (design side) on the plate. Gently lay the paper on the plate and lightly press it down all around allowing slight overlap of the slits. Sparingly add mod podge and carefully spread out wrinkles with your fingers. Lay the plates flat on top of the jars and cans to dry; apply more mod podge to areas if necessary. Once dry, you may turn them over and enjoy!

Caring Instructions: Wipe off and wash the glass-side of the plates, and stack with a paper towel in between each.

Air Freshner

Courtesy of www.theburlapbag.com

Materials: a small glass candle (baby food jar, candle votive, etc.), baking soda, essential oil and aluminum foil

Fill the container 1/4 full of baking soda and drop about 8-9 drops of essential oil into the baking soda. Add the foil over the jar, poke holes, shake it up a little bit and you’re done! Occasionally shake it up to freshen the smells.

 Decorative Mirrors

Materials: contact paper, mirror squares, frosted glass spray paint

Courtesy of www.knockoffdecor.com

Cut patterns and designs from contact paper. Apply the contact to the mirror and spray the frosted glass paint. Remove the contact paper and now you’ve created beautiful wall decor.

These mirrors will show off your personality and add character to any space.


Gem Design on Canvas

I found this picture on Pinterest and there was no website linked to it, but I have an idea of how to create this fabulous piece!

Materials: canvas (whatever size you desire), gems (from any craft store), glue, scissors and a pencil

Print the word or phrase you want and place it on the canvas. Cut the excess paper from around the word(s) including the inner parts to a letter (e.g. the inner triangle of “A”)*. Trace the word(s) onto the canvas, remove it and begin gluing the gems around the word. Start from around the word and work your way out to the edge of the canvas. Look at it like a puzzle and fit gems by size. It seems like a tedious craft, but in then end you’ll have a unique canvas for your wall.

*How you cut your letters depends on the type of font you use.

Want more ideas? Join SarahScoop over on Pinterest.

Have fun filling your time with craftying! If there’s other D.I.Y. you would like to see, comment below and I’ll try to find them!

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