Dealing With Debilitation – Tips For If You’re Worried About The Future

When it comes to living with disability or an illness that grows more debilitating as time goes on, the future is always a concern. What kind of life will I be able to live in future? Who will be able to help me? How can I foster independence? These are important questions and ones that weigh heavily on the minds of everyone involved. The experience isn’t easy nor are the answers, but hopefully we can help you divine the path ahead a bit easier.


Asking for help

For someone who is mobility impaired, independence is important. No-one wants to feel like a burden or like they can’t take care of themselves. However, we also need to recognize when we need support and how we can ask for it. Asking for help can be difficult because of pride, embarrassment and a whole plethora of other emotions. But you need to find the people who can support you and are happy to be your company.

Dealing with dark thoughts

Particularly if someone is dealing with a condition that worsens over time, it can be easy to let intrusive thoughts slip in. Feelings of helplessness and anger that can turn against those closest to us. There are healthy eating ways to brighten our moods. You should also consider talking to someone qualified to explore what you’re going through.


Quell your reservations

Everyone has second thoughts about receiving any more care than they are, already. Those feelings of being burdensome come into play and they’re not always unjustified. However, if someone suggests live in care, for example, try to see it from their best possible perspective. Many people worry they can’t do enough and want to be more help. If you truly need the assistance, it benefits everyone involved.

Finding new passions

It can sometimes feel like all life’s doors are closing on you when you begin to lose mobility and some of your agency. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Getting yourself involved in new hobbies can be a great way to inject passion into your life. Get into gardening or crafts. Do something that engages you and teaches you new skills so you don’t necessarily feel like you’re stagnating.


Keeping your environment

To maintain your health and mental wellbeing, it’s important you take care of your environment as best as you can. Prepare your home to make it accessible and give you as much independence as you can get. Mobility options and lots of space can make you feel a lot more comfortable in it.

Staying fit

As someone with a disability or an illness that grows more debilitating, keeping up an exercise routine will get more difficult as time gets on. Something you may have been able to do yesterday might no longer be an option tomorrow. However, the more you take care of yourself, the more likely you’ll be in keeping your body healthy as time goes on. Learn exercises you can do, no matter how impaired your mobility and adapt as time goes on.

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