Dealing With Neck Pain: Is It Time to See A Professional?

by Sarah Ruhlman

A sore neck can be extremely frustrating; not only can it be painful, but it seems to get in the way of everything. People dealing with neck pain struggle to carry out their normal daily tasks while also finding it tough to concentrate or sleep at night. This is why it is so important to get the issue dealt with as quickly as possible. Many muscle injuries can be resolved without the need for extensive treatment, so long as you don’t wait around for the problem to get worse. 

Woman dealing with neck pain
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Get treatment sooner rather than later

If you don’t get the treatment you need straight away, you might be shocked by the dramatic effect one tight muscle can have, causing a lot of pain. Physiotherapists often see many patients that have tried different approaches to try and resolve the problem themselves, mostly unsuccessful, and thus they come to them as a last resort. You can save yourself the hassle and further pain by simply booking an appointment sooner rather than later.

A lot of patients experience tightness in their neck, which can be extremely uncomfortable and limit movement. Does this sound familiar? If you are suffering from neck tightness, it is advisable to book a physiotherapy appointment as soon as possible, as you certainly don’t want to run the risk of it getting worse, and limiting your functionality even further.

What to expect

There are many different causes of neck tightness, and more often than not it occurs because the neck joints have locked or become stiff, much like a rusted hinge. Because neck pain differs from person to person, the most important part of any physiotherapy session is undoubtedly the diagnosis. When you go to a professional treatment center you can expect one of the therapists to carry out a thorough assessment, including diagnostic tests and an evaluation of your symptoms.

Once a professional has diagnosed your condition, they will then put together a course of treatment. This will ensure pain is alleviated and you return to normal functionality as quickly as possible. These treatment plans are not a quick fix–They are designed to ensure you never suffer again. This is why they will also give you a self-care plan to follow at home to make sure you manage your condition effectively so the pain does not return. From massage to postural exercises, professionals will use a wide assortment of drug-free approaches to get you back to your best. 

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