Debunking The Myths You Use to Delay Your Health & Fitness Resolution

It started off as a plan for summer 2016, then you decided to put it off until the sunshine filled months passed so that you could lose weight over winter. But, of course, there’s no point trying to get fit when the festive season is upon us. Why not wait until January 1st? Everyone starts on January 1st, right?

Oh, look! It’s now February, and you have yet to start your new health kick. The truth is, there’s never a perfect time to start this new chapter. Upgrading your lifestyle will require some sacrifices, but you’ve just got to deal with it. The rewards of the body you truly want will make it all worthwhile.

There are many obstacles (feeble excuses) standing in your way. The first one is that taking control of your body will cost a fortune. Of course you could take on an expensive PT in an exclusive club and spend vast sums on the task. However, it’s equally possible to invest in fitness without spending money. Also, even if you do pay for a gym membership, it will become a far cheaper hobby than your current trends.

Another common issue is that exercise will stop you from socializing with friends and family. Well, guess again. The truth is that you’ll have friends who are looking to get fit too. By joining forces, you can retain that social aspect while gaining a new sense of motivation. If all else fails, find a buddy online.

Perhaps the most common misconception, at least in 2017, is that there isn’t enough time. The harsh reality is that you need to organize and prioritize your days. If you are genuinely determined to achieve that dream body and boost your health, you’ll find a way. Whether this means cycling to work or going to bed earlier, it doesn’t matter. You’ve got to think about what you really want.

However, exercise is only half of the battle. In truth, nutrition is probably even more important than  physical activity. A lack of education on this subject can provide another excuse. However, learning about a ketogenic diet will show you that you don’t have to stop eating altogether. The key is to make smarter decisions. Do this, and you will be just fine.

Arguably the worst excuse that anyone can make is along the lines of “it’s my friend’s birthday soon”. There will always be an event to potentially get in your way. To start, your loved ones should understand your situation and support you. You can still attend those events without breaking your rules. Secondly, if you do slip up, it’s not the end of the world. As long as you get back up, the occasional drink or slice of cake isn’t going to kill you.

Besides, it’s better to take 10 steps forward and one step back than stay exactly where you are. So now that we’ve debunked those sorry excuses, the rest is up to you. If you are genuinely interested in regaining control of your life, now is the time to start!

Have confidence in yourself; you’re more than capable of achieving those goals.

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