Make Your Dorm Room Spooktacular for Halloween

Looking to spruce up your dorm for Halloween? Here are a few inexpensive items that can spruce up your dorm room to make it extra SPOOKtacular. Make sure to check with your roommate and RA before making some of these changes! Now, go have fun and decorate your dorm room for halloween!

Fake Spider Webs

Fake spider web bags are super inexpensive and come with some realistic looking spiders in the bag! Wrap your front door and closet doors with this for a creepy effect!


 Window Stickies

These bring me back to my childhood where I would stick black cats and ghosts on our porch window, and you can do the same thing for your window (or mirror if you don’t have a window)! Anything creepy will work; skulls, fake blood, ghosts, or cats.



Pumpkins are a super fun accessory to have in your room by the door. If you plan on carving it, check out these stencils and don’t do it until a few days before Halloween to prevent rotting.

How are you making your dorm room or bedroom spooky for the season?

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