The DIY Bathroom Makeover: How To Achieve A Great Look

A bathroom is an excellent way for you to revamp your home, and certainly add some value to it. After all, after the kitchen it can be one of the rooms in a home that helps sell a property. But, not everyone can afford to have a bathroom fitter come in and do all the work for them. It can often be an expensive job which is why many people either save really hard for the work to be done, or tend to make do with what they have.

However, there are ways you can do a DIY makeover to give your bathroom a new lease of life. I wanted to share with you some of the top tips.

Work with what you have

As we may have already addressed, having a bathroom completely redone can be an expensive job to fork out for. So why not really utilize what you have instead? Of course, you may not have a desirable bathroom suite, but if it is white then maybe a good clean could work wonders. Many older bathrooms have bath with panels that can actually be reworked or replaced for very little money. You could also change things like taps for a fraction of the price of replacing full sinks or baths. There are things that can be done, even scraping off old sealant and resealing can make a bathroom appear brand new.

Make small additions that can make a big difference

If you can replace the whole bathroom, then maybe replacing or adding different features could make the world of difference. A new sink maybe, a new toilet, or even the addition of a shower cubicle. You can click here for some ideas on pricing and how they look. Again, this can be a huge savings as you are only replacing or adding smaller things rather than having to replace the whole thing.

Change the color of the walls

Maybe just adding a new color to the walls could be a quick and easy change to make. Maybe using a lighter shade or even a pastel tone of color could make the bathroom appear bigger. Or just adding an injection of color, photographs on the wall, or even some wall art could make your bathroom look and feel new with very little investment and effort.

Add some tiles or change the floor

Instead of focusing on the main areas of the bathroom such as sink or bath, why not put your attention and focus on the walls and the flooring. Both of which are big surface areas and could dramatically change the appearance of your bathroom. Adding tiles to walls and floors can be a great addition and give your bathroom the wow factor it deserves. Thankfully, there are plenty of tutorials online who can happily describe how to fit tiles, even for beginners.

Consider adding different accessories

Finally, you can add different accessories to your bathroom and sometimes these small changes can make a massive difference to the appearance of your bathroom. A new toothbrush holder, toilet brush and some new towels can make all the difference.

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