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Holiday decorating can be a joyful and rewarding task. It brings some fun back into our everyday decor. Your decorating can provide nostalgia, happiness and even jealousy if you’re really good at it. However, I find that tables can often be forgotten about in the decorating process. This seems crazy to me because it’s an essential focal point of Christmas day. At some point, you and your family will be enjoying your feast around this table. Doesn’t it deserve to look as fabulous as your tree? I think it does, and hopefully you will agree. Here is a DIY guide on how to create a fabulously decorated table, whatever your style.

First things first look for table decorating inspiration. You can find great table decorating ideas from magazines, in stores and online. Department stores will hire visual merchandisers to create stylish and creative table displays. These are often outrageous and very over the top. Even if this wouldn’t be functional for your home, take pictures or make notes of anything that inspires you. You can just use the elements that you like. You can make your table as simple or as flamboyant as you like. There are no rules.

It’s important to choose a theme when decorating your table. Think of it as an extension of your tree and other decorations. You want there to be a nice flow to your holiday decorating, and it may not look right if you have too many themes. It’s simple. If you’ve used metallic ornaments on your tree, try to use the same for your table. Traditional Christmas themes, with a red and green color scheme, always work well. Stick to what you like but don’t be afraid to try out new ideas. Get creative with your theme. I particularly like the idea of a Great Gatsby themed Christmas, with lots of antique decorations and gold colour scheme.


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Choosing the right accents is what will make your table stand out. Having a defined colour scheme will make choosing your accents easier. Common holiday table accents are candles, flowers and foliage. You can stick to these if you wish, as they work well regardless of the theme you have chosen. Don’t feel as though you have to use traditional holiday flowers. Think outside the box. Why not buy small artificial trees and spray them white. Place them in metallic pots and decorate with silver garlands. This is perfect if you’re after a modern simplistic look.

For a more traditional feel why not buy some bright red pillar candles in alternate sizes. Use a rustic looking crate and line it with some hessian. Place the candles inside and fill the remaining space with plenty of evergreen foliage. Complete the look with some red and green candy canes. Look at the amazing candles at Koch to find some wonderful options to match your theme.

And there you have it. You can make your table look as good, if not better than your tree this year. Just have fun and get creative.

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