DIY: Create A Calming Bath Time

I can’t say I have always been pro-baths. For years I just never understood the concept on sitting in hot water and the appeal was lost on me. Now that I am living in an apartment that only has a stand up shower, I count the days until I can reunite with my bathtub again. Baths have the ability to be soothing and give you those 45 minutes of pure peace from the rest of the world. Have you ever soaked up in a tub? Have you really experienced all a bath has to offer? Here are some tips for the next time you want to slide down into some hot water and just escape everything.

Clean your tub

While this probably is not an issue for most people, give your bathtub a little scrub down a couple hours before your bath. It will help get all those little dirt particles and stray hairs that fall each time someone showers. If you live with roommates, try to make sure nobody needs the shower for a few hours. Better yet, take your bath during a day or night when you have the apartment all to yourself. Excess noise can really put a damper on bath time.

Secure the drain

I’m a tall woman and my bathtub isn’t as nice as those four claw tubs that have depth to them. While it’s impossible for every inch of my body to be covered, my roommate figured out a way to allow more water to stay in the tub. It worked so well that I had to include it. Tape around the round part on the drain that sits on the tub wall underneath the faucet. This will allow for a higher water line without draining.

Warm up the tub

Fill the tub up with a good water temp for you. I personally like my baths hot. It takes a couple minutes for my body to react with the heat but once it does, my bath is perfect. It also leaves my skin feeling clarified and relaxed.

Bath bombs are the BOMB

Yes, I went corny on you all but it’s the absolute truth. It was a bath bomb that turned me onto baths and since then I’ve never looked back. Bath bombs are hard packed mixtures of ingredients, such as essential oils, that help give your bath a whole new feel. I get my bombs from LUSH, a fresh handmade cosmetic company, and they fill their bombs with mood enhancing fragrances, flowers, moisturizing butters and colors. Drop in a LUSH bomb and watch your bath go from clear water to enchanting colors that are acceptable to soak in. Bath time just got a whole lot more fun for adults.

Bath melts and bath salts

Another nifty addition to your bath water comes in a solid form of a bath melt; made up of luxurious amounts of natural butters to moisturize and soften your skin. Pop one of these little guys in your water and your skin will thank you later. Bath melts also come in a liquid form, better known as bath oil. Simply pour in a little bit of oil and it has the same effect as its solid friend. Don’t like the feeling of oil on your skin? Then bath salts are perfect for you. Bath salts have even been proven to help with sore muscles. These scented salts help detox your body by flushing toxins out of your skin. While I’ve never tried the salts, it’s definitely on my list for my next bath time excursion.


Bubble baths have always been a popular concept to a tub soak. The addition of bubbles also makes for some fun in the bath. Women can buy unlimited types of bubble bath from all over. Try a bubble bar from LUSH, a solid bar that you crumble under the water to release bubbles filled with essential oil, or Bath and Body Works line of the bath time treat (aromatherapy sleep bubble bath is amazing). There’s a bubble bath to fit every woman’s bath time need.

Add a facial

When I take a bath, I like to clean my face off from the day. After patting it dry, I add a facemask. Many face masks have a suggested time to keep the paste on your face so if it’s for only 10 minutes, add it on towards the end of your bath. I actually prefer putting mine on half way through because the steam from the hot water opens my pores. A facial allows you to cleanse your face with minimal effort, and baths are also meant to be effortless. Pair the two together and get lazy!


Set the mood

Candles, music, wine, you name it and they deserve some bath time attention too. I love to light a couple candles and either play some relaxing tunes or spend time with a book I’ve been neglecting. It’s “me time” so however I’m feeling on that day decides my bath time activity. Many of my friends love to add a glass of wine to their bath. I love a good glass of wine but I don’t like it during bath time. Alcohol isn’t a healthy addition to a detox and when I bathe that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m detoxing my body from stress and toxins. So I like a glass of ice water, which also cools me down and keeps me hydrated.

There you have it ladies! So light a candle, fill up your tub, and drop in a bath bomb. It’s time for a little relaxation and you might learn that you like baths even more than you thought.

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