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I love to create, but have never been the most artistic person on the block.  Lately I have been loving anything watercolor.  (Even our wedding invites had a watercolor vibe!)  After seeing some awesome watercolor prints (here and here), I thought i would give it a go myself.  I first picked up this watercolor set from Michael’s and then I stumbled upon Penheartspaper’s brush art and picked up some watercolor markers to see if I could recreate her fabulous work.

After giving that a go (and failing), I thought I would stick to something a little easier.  I am not confident enough in my calligraphy skills, but wanted to create some artwork for my office at work.  This DIY is so easy even the least creative person can make it look awesome!  Check out the following tips to create your own prints!

Start with your favorite watercolor paper and your favorite watercolor medium (pencils, pan, tube or markers) to create your background.  I used three complementary watercolor markers, dipped them in water to soften the brush, and then used a wet paintbrush to blend the colors.

When your paper is dry, you can either scan to your computer or take a picture of it. I took a picture of it on my iPad and edited it using Afterlight. Next, I added the font using Over. Over is awesome because you can either type your favorite quote or add artwork from the app to make it extra sassy! The Emily Bronte quote is from the (Jessica Hische) RED collection.

Once you have created your perfect print, the options are endless – use it on your blog, print it on matte paper and frame it, create a mouse pad, wrapped canvas or phone case. How easy is that?! I can’t wait to see what you create using your watercolors!









Photos/artwork courtesy of Heather Gierut.  Don’t forget to credit @hmelwood on Instagram or Twitter.

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