DIY Flower Lights

Summertime is here, and you want to celebrate with a party of course! You may be wondering how you want to decorate for it, and these flower lights may provide a fun and summer festive atmosphere, especially if it’s a girls only party! This is a very simple and inexpensive DIY.

All you need is:

  • a string of lights (use those old Christmas ones)
  • cupcake papers (large and small)
  • scissors
  • an exacto knife

You will need to make leaves, 8 petal flowers, and 16 petal flowers if you want each flower to look different.

To make leaves just take a cupcake paper and fold it in half 2 times. With the pointed part facing down, cut off the corners of the rigid top with scissors (top picture on the left).

To makes an 8 petal flower fold the cupcake paper in half 3 times, and similar with the leaves, make sure that the pointed part is facing down. Cut around the rigid top with scissors (middle picture on the top).

To make a 16 petal flower fold the cupcake paper in half 4 times. With the pointy part facing down, take the scissors, and cut a heart shape at the rigid top (top picture on the right).

Make sure you make enough for each light. You usually need a leaf for each light, and depending on how you want the flowers to look, you can have one small flower and one large as well. The picture below uses a leaf, a large flower, and a cupcake paper that hasn’t been altered.

Last by not least, take the exacto knife and cut a small “X” in each of the leaves, flowers, and the unaltered cupcake papers if you choose to use them.

Now you can put them on the lights. Put the leaves on first, and vary each light with large and small flowers.

These will sure to be a hit at your summer parties beauties!



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    • Bev
    • August 2, 2012

    These look super cute and fun…should I worry about the paper catching on fire though? Sorry to sound paranoid, I’ve had bad experiences with DIY crafts in the past!!!!

      • Sarah Whiteford
      • August 2, 2012

      Not to worry! The paper actually doesnt sit close to the bulb. So the heat is nothing to worry about. If you are worried about it, then glue the paper down, so it doesnt go anywhere near the lightt! Good question!

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