Fun and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

We all look forward to Halloween every year.  Who can resist free candy, fun parties, and being someone completely different for the night!  However, the cost of going all out can be a real downer, and being a cat, mouse, or sexy (fill in the blank) can be boring.  So why not create an amazing look with simple pieces you already have?  We’ve gathered a few ideas for creative DIY costumes that are fun and easy to make.

Tropical Birds

With just a few simple ingredients, you can transform a bright mess into something fun and creative.

What You Need: Feathers and a glue gun, tights, bright tops and bottoms, sheer fabric

What to do:  It may look complicated, but we promise it’s extremely simple.  Whether you choose a leotard, shorts and a tee, or dress, just grab the bright fabrics and a glue gun.  Go to a craft or dollar store and stock up on fun feathers and bright fabric.  Go along the inside edges of your shorts or leo and glu feathers along the seam.  While you’re letting those dry, get your favorite color-blocking makeup and try to match your outfit.  Slip on yellow tights for your bird legs and throw a few feathers in your hair.  Put on your main garments and top the look off with a sheer, bright cape.


Good or evil, it’s your choice when it comes to these graceful costumes.

What you need: Feathers, black or white skirt, black or white tank, and black or white paint

What to do: Take your flowy skirt and glue feathers in layers, starting from the bottom.  To make a cute head piece, pull out a piece of cardboard or thick construction paper and glue on feathers.  Metallic colors go best with the black, while creams look great on white pieces.  Paint along your eyes with white or black and voilà, you are now the perfect ballerina.

The Periodic Table of FABULOUS Elements

What you need: Metallic and black paint, and metallic garmets

What to do: this costume is as easy as one, two, three!  First, grab your favorite element color of paint and spray on (make sure it’s non-toxic!).  Then, draw the symbol of the element on an easy to see place.  Finally, slip on your metallic garment, and that’s all!

Famous Works of Art:

What you need: Paint, garments of your favorite models of art, and a light frame

What to do:  This may be the most difficult of the DIY costumes, but it’s a fun and different idea, and it’s all up to you.  For example, to be Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe painting, put on her classic white dress, paint your hair green, and color-block your skin.  It may be a little strange looking, but it’s guaranteed to win you most creative costume at a party.

A Pack of Highlighters:

What you need: Bright leggings, a matching bright crop top, and simple toms or keds

What to do: Like the element costume above, being bright highlighters has three simple steps.  Put on your favorite color of leggings and matching crop top, lace up simple keds or toms, and grab an eyeshadow to match.  It’s fun, comfortable, and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.  This can also be done with crayon colors if you have a big group!

Happy Halloween!

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    • qwertyuiop
    • October 8, 2014

    where can I get the clothing for the high lighter costumes and I have 5 people so what other color could I do

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