DIY: Skull T-Shirt

Skulls have always been pretty popular in fashion, but lately they’ve been taking off like crazy! It’s hard to go into a store or shop online without seeing at least one article of clothing or accessory with a skull on it.

One skull fashion trend that’s been extremely popular lately are skull back t-shirts! Some companies and brands have even begun manufacturing them and selling them in stores and online. But we figured we’d teach you how to make them yourself!

Step 1: Buy a t-shirt! It can be any color you want it to be. You actually don’t even have to buy a new one if you don’t want to! Any t-shirt will work and it may be best to test it out on an old t-shirt first.

Step 2: Get a large piece of paper and sketch out what you want your skull to look like. This is the template you will use for your shirt, so make sure you like it!

Step 3: Flip your t-shirt inside out and make sure the back is facing up. If you’re using a darker shirt you may want to draw on your shirt itself with a silver washable sharpie. If you drew your skull on a piece of paper, go ahead and stick that inside of your shirt. Make sure you can see your sketch through the shirt.

Step 4: Trace the outline of your skull onto your shirt in a washable marker. It may be easier to use dots instead of lines because drawing lines on fabric tends to be extremely difficult.

Step 5: Once you have finished outlining your skull onto your shirt, begin cutting. Don’t get nervous for this part. If you mess up, it isn’t a huge deal! In fact the messier it looks, the better! And if you’re using a washable marker or sharpie, don’t worry about getting rid of all the black dots perfectly. It should be able to wash right out! When cutting the teeth, pinch the fabric to cut it. Cutting such small holes can be difficult, so hopefully this will help.

Step 6: Stretch out the cuts in your shirt a bit, but not too much! This will give it a less manufactured look.

Step 7: Enjoy! Wear it around proudly, because you’ve just successfully created your very own unique skull t-shirt.

If you want to go a little further, you can even cut off the sleeves or cut the neck line to your shirt! Remember that it’s okay to make it messy or to mess up. Sometimes the sloppier you make it, the better! And if worse comes to worse and you just can’t make it work, ask a friend to help! This can be a fun thing to make with all of your friends.

Have you ever made a skull t-shirt? If not, are you going to try now? It’s super easy and super fun! If you make one remember to take lots of pictures and send them to us!

If you want a step-by-step picture guide visit this link: 


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    • Jessie
    • July 22, 2012

    These are surprisingly kinda cute 🙂

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