DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Valentine


As romantic as Valentine’s Day is, it has a way of bringing out anxiety in many people– primarily, couples. What started out as a holiday of love, has quickly morphed into, ” What expensive gift will show how much I love him/her?” People spend too much time and money trying to impress their significant other with something grand and elaborate, because they don’t understand that Valentine’s Day isn’t so much a declaration of love, as it is an opportunity to celebrate it.

You’ve had 364 other days in the year to show your sweetheart how much you love them. This one day is set aside for celebrating that accomplishment, not trying to accomplish it.

Instead of anxiously scouring the store for a gift and going home with a maxed out credit card, make your Valentine’s day more meaningful and heartfelt by turning your gifts into a personal project. You can choose to present your S.O. with one of the DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas below, or take inspiration to pull together something entirely different!

1. A Homemade Candlelight Dinner for Two



2. A Deck of Love


3. A Light-Up Wall of Memories


4. A Sweets Bouquet 

Candy-Bouquetimages (1)

5. A Photographed Message

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6. A Jar of Compliments


7. A Melted Crayon Project



8. A Baked & Boxed Surprise

fd87fed3f3e7e70270c33283e8700c75Valentine's Cupcakes 12 Gift Box (4)

9. A Word Collage



10. A Sealed “Reasons to Kiss You” 



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