Do Dogs Prolong Life?

Happy dogSit. Stay. Improve my life? Have you ever wondered if dogs prolong life?

We know dogs are good for cuddling, and they’re “awww”-some, but can they create a better lifestyle? Multiple studies have shown that having a dog around the house can improve your quality of life, and thereby doing so, create benefits that have been shown to lengthen your life.

While that wagging tail and those floppy ears may warm your heart, they also keep it healthy. Research has unearthed that many dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than those who didn’t have a furry friend. Accordingly, A study composed in Australia has linked having a pup with less trips to the doctor.

Walking the dog is no longer a chore! Studies have also shown that children with dogs tended to be more active then those without dogs. Additionally, Adults who have dogs also walked more on average than those who didn’t.

The list goes on and on for physical benefits, but dogs also aid emotional and mental health. New York University at Buffalo proved that when a dog was by your side, stress levels were minimized more than having a friend or family member around. As well, man’s best friend has been shown to reduce suicide rates, as exhibited in a veteran hospital study.

Overall, dogs have been shown to have improve mood, health, and overall well-being, which may contribute to a longer life. Plus, they’re pretty cute. Good boy!

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