Do Your Makeup In 5 Minutes or Less

You wake up and realize there’s something wrong.  Something’s missing. The sound of your alarm.

That’s when you realize you hit the snooze button and shoved your phone under your pillow to silence it forever, and now you’re breathing in and trying not to panic as you look a the time.

I face this scenario at least twice a week, and I’ll be darned if you catch me flying out the door without some kind of makeup on.  Not to worry, I’ve had a lot of practice, so you better be sure I can get my face on in under 5 minutes.

First off, put a primer on.  This step can be tempting to skip, but without it, you risk your makeup settling in fine lines and caking.  Even worse, it could fade away halfway through the day, kind of like how the sound of your alarm just magically faded away this morning.  Oops.

Let the primer settle – take this time to brush your teeth.  You never leave the house without brushing your teeth right?  This would also be a good time to put on clothes.  Funny thing is, pajamas are not appropriate for public appearances.

Slap on your choice of BB cream, CC cream, or tinted moisturizer.  I tend to avoid actual foundation when I’m in a rush because it needs to be thoroughly blended, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Let your choice of alphabet cream or tinted moisturizer settle.  No, I’m not going to tell you to brush your teeth again.  Instead, groom your brows.  Whether you just run a spooly brush through or fill them in with a tinted brow gel, do not skip your brows.  They seriously frame your face and set up the rest of your makeup to be on point.  Hello?  Cara Delevingne anyone?


Now, dust a finishing powder all over your face.  I like a nice translucent powder to help set my makeup and diminish pores, but if you want to go one step further, invest in a multi colored pressed powder.  You know the ones.  They have reds, greens, blues, and yellows to correct discoloration and illuminate your face – amazing.

Wake on some mascara.  It’s your choice to curl your lashes or not – personally, I do.  Choose a mascara that volumizes, curls, and lengthens to really give your lashes a boost.

Finally, the most important step: lipstick.  Literally, lipstick can pull together your whole look.  Those women who walk around with just a red lip?  Yeah, they’ve got it figured out.  Since we’re in a rush, apply your lipstick by quickly swiping some on and dabbing it with your finger tip.  Any stray lines can be cleaned with a q-tip.  You could also use a lip tint or stain for a flush of color.

red lips only red lips only 2

I will still be happy if you do nothing besides apply a moisturizer (with SPF of course) and lipstick.  It’s the ultimate 1 minute getting ready routine.  Come on, please make me happy (insert puppy eyes here).

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