Don’t Throw Away Those Bottles! {Tips & Tricks for DIY Designing}

Ever wonder if there is anything you can do with wine, beer and soda bottles besides recycling? Well here are a few ideas on how to reuse those bottles that are fun and help make your house looking beautiful.

One idea is to use glass gems. You can either just put glass gems on the bottle, or you can drill a hole in back of the bottle to make it a night light as well.

You can put lights in the bottles and drill a hole in back so you can plug in the lights to an electrical outlet.

You can spray paint the bottles and put flowers in them. This will not only add fun and color to your house, but also liven up any party.

You can even drill holes at the bottom of the bottles and put them over candles. These will definitely provide a romantic setting.

Or you can just wrap some ribbon around the bottles and put some flowers in them.

Remember to have fun while making your new creations beauties!



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