Do’s and Don’ts for Women’s Health and Beauty

by Sarah Ruhlman
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As women, we have some specific health and wellbeing issues to deal with. We have to deal with our money cycles, hair removal and all sorts of other wonderful things; that can sometimes make our lives seem even harder. To get on top of your female health and beauty issues read my list of do’s and don’ts.


Do track your cycle

Tracking your menstrual cycle is an excellent idea. It helps you to know when to expect your next period and keep an eye on if you are late. It’s also good for women looking to conceive as it can help you identify when you are most fertile. Using an app to track this is great because you can keep all the information in one place. You can also track things like your mood and weight, so it makes it much easier to see if there have been any changes.

Don’t ignore your skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and while we might pay particular attention to our face, sometimes we can forget to look after the skin on our bodies. Use a moisturizing shower gel and treat any problems dry areas with E45 cream.

Do find a method of hair removal that works for you

There are so many ways of removing body hair, that it can make your head spin. Waxing, epilating or sugaring to name but a few. The most important thing with hair removal is that you find a method that is convenient, and that works for your life. If you swim regularly, you might want to go for a longer lasting method like waxing. You can either do this yourself at home or go to a salon to have it done professionally. Laser hair removal is another option, as a course of treatment can give lasting results. It is expensive, though, so you will need to weigh up whether the benefits out way the cost for you.

Don’t ignore your pelvic floor muscles

A very specific female issue is that of pelvic floor weakness, which can cause discomfort or incontinence.  Luckily there is a lot you can do to strengthen these muscles and get back the function in that area. Pelvic floor exercise can help you regain control over your muscles and minimize any issues that you are experiencing.

Do look after your feet

While women are more likely to care for their feet than men, what with all the toe painting, it is important that we do not neglect our heels. If you are on your feet a lot all day, it can really show in your heels as they can become dry and cracked. You can use an intensive heel balm to help soften the skin. Then file away the dead matter, leaving you with silky soft feet, which you will be proof to show off in the summer.

Don’t put yourself last

As women, it is really easy to put our health and wellbeing after those of our partner, friends, and family. But remember you have to look after yourself too. If you are feeling under the weather, try to do at least one good thing for yourself a day. Like taking a vitamin supplement. Or doing something creative for an hour or two. Or even just curling up in front of Netflix for some chill time.

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