Tips on How to Dress For Success

Choosing an outfit for an interview may be the most stressful process of job hunting. Your outfit can make or break your chances of winning your dream job. Appearance is critical because it is the first thing the employer will see. While your dress should be more conservative, that does not mean you need to hide your personal style. Don’t stress! We have the scoop on everything you need to know to dress for success, while staying stylish, too!

Before selecting an outfit, you need to research the company. Understanding the corporate culture of the employer is key! A good question to ask yourself is if the company is a left-brained or right-brained industry. Left-brained industries are centered around numbers and are generally more conservative. If you are interviewing for a job in law, insurance, finance, or business, more traditional business attire is expected. Traditional business suits are always a safe choice. Pair a neutral colored blazer with a pencil skirt or slacks and a pair of closed-toe heels. You can let your creativity show with the shirt you choose underneath your blazer. You don’t need to stick to strictly solid colors, but make sure the pattern is not too flashy.

Right-brained industries are centered around creativity and usually allow more room for fashionable attire. If you are interviewing for a job in graphic design, photography or even your favorite fashion magazine, you may have more freedom with your outfit choice. Dress should still be conservative, but depending on the company, you may be safe to wear brights, pastels, florals or stripes. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Pair one of these fun blazers with a solid color pant or skirt.

Know the company! If fashion is the center of the company’s corporate culture, then be sure to let your inner fashionista shine. Here is a little inspiration!


Good luck!

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