Dress For Your Body Type

The best way to flatter all the beautiful figures out there is to know how to dress for your body type. The first step in this process is knowing your body type. There are 4 main body types:

Pear shaped – A pear shaped body is the most common body type in women and it basically means that you are wider in the lower half of your body. Women with pear shaped bodies tend to have smaller busts and bigger, thighs and waists. The key to flattering your body here is to proportion correctly so that you elongate your body and draw attention to the top half of your body as opposed to the bigger bottom half.


Apple shaped – Women with apple shaped bodies tend to be bigger on the top half of their bodies (bust and shoulders) with a fuller middle section and thin legs. The best way to dress for this body is to draw attention to your best assets: your full bust and your skinnier legs while trying to eliminate too much attention to your midsection.


Rectangle shaped/Athletic type – Women with these bodies have straight bodies and waist, hip, and shoulder widths are almost equal. The best way to dress this body is to try and create curves.


Hourglass body – Women with hourglass bodies are said to have the ideal body shape, so congratulations to all you hourglass figures out there! The best way to dress your bodies is to emphasize that teeny tiny waist of yours!


So, once you have figured out your body type and what you need to emphasize/diminish, let’s find some outfits for all these beautiful body types…

First, you pear shaped girls… wearing pants that are darker than your shirt is one way to slim your bottom half, fun colors or prints on the top half of your body draws the eye upwards, jackets such as blazers look fabulous with this body type and wide leg pants or flared jeans create a really flattering line for your body!

Second, you apple shaped girls… a skirt with a lovely subtle print will draw the eye to those great legs, try longer jackets that do not end at the waist to give a more streamlined look, try looser fabric around your stomach and a V-neck shirt is super flattering!

Now, you rectangle shaped girls… try scoop neck shirts to create curves, add a waist belt to give the illusion of a tiny waist, figure hugging clothes in general will help create curves, and layering can give the illusion of curves too!

Finally, you hourglass girls… emphasize that waist with a belt; wrap style shirts are perfect for you as are pencil skirts and skinny jeans. Really, with his body type, you can do anything!

Every body type is really beautiful in its own unique way, so it’s time for us girls to really show off who we are and to be proud of who were are. It’s all about feeling good, looking great and being ready to take on the world and to show her what you’re made of!

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