Dressing Your Man For An Outdoorsy Vacation

by Sarah Ruhlman

Perhaps your man isn’t great with packing; or with knowing which items to take. Or maybe he is an outdoorsy vacation novice, and you are the pro. Whatever the scenario, this guide is here to help when it comes to dressing your man for this occasion.


Whether you are going camping for a week, hiking for a few nights or doing some extreme sports out in the jungle, you’ll need to pack the right things. However, what you will need as a woman vs. what he will need as a man may differ slightly.

So, let’s take a look first at the basics he needs to pack. First up, layers. A bottom layer insulates the skin, the middle layers make warming air pockets, the top layer keeps him dry. A polyester bottom layer, wool or fleece middle layers and a waterproof jacket will do the trick. If you’ll be doing lots of activity or walking, he might worry about getting too hot. Address this by dressing him in shorts, rather than trousers.

Of course, walking boots are a further clothing essential for outdoorsy vacations. However, making sure they are not too tight is key. So is wearing socks that aren’t too tight. If he does, he will be restricting the blood flow to his feet. This will make them cold, which is not what he wants!

That being said, make sure he also packs a pair of wellington boots. These are great for rain and puddles but are also quite to put on and off. As much as he may resent how they look, they’re sure to come in handy! Flip-flops are also useful, but only if you’ll be in a place where you can see exactly what is on the ground. Of course, these should never be worn for things like hiking or cycling!

He may also have a concern that he can’t ‘look good’ because he’s in a forest, not a bar! Well, this is simply not true. Kit him up in a smart flannel shirt and some cargo shorts from Eddie Bauer, for example. This way he will look fashionable, feel comfortable but most importantly, be suitably dressed.

If your man loves to wear shorts, be sure you get him to pack some insect repellent. Once you are in the outdoors, you are in their domain. Certain areas are densely populated with mosquitos, so you need to be prepared. You can usefully get some suncreams with insect repellent built in. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Be sure to help him with the areas he can’t reach, like the back of his neck. This goes for both the repellent and the sunblock. On the subject of sunblock, you should only share one factor if you have the exact same skin type. Keep him healthy and never forget that pale, freckled or mole covered skin burns and damages more easily. While you might be naturally tan and able to wear factor 15, if he should be wearing 30, don’t compromise. Pack your own and keep yourselves safe.

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