Easy Ways to Stay Healthy This Halloween



On the biggest junk food night of the year, it can seem impossible to stay healthy. Being surrounded by candy and festive drinks creates a nightmare for your healthy eating habits. But there is some good news: you can still indulge this Halloween. Take a look at these tips for staying healthy while still getting the most out of your night, no matter where your Halloween plans take you.

At home: When buying Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters, it only makes sense to pick out your favorite kind. But this year, do the opposite; pick out your least favorite kind of candy that most kids still enjoy, so that you won’t be tempted to sneak a fun size Twix every time you pass the basket near your door. If you hate peanut butter, stock up on Reese’s; if you hate gummy anything, stock up on gummy everything. Then, buy yourself a small treat – like some dark chocolate squares – so that you can still get in on the delicious candy this Halloween.

At a bar: It’s hard to pass up whatever festive holiday drink the bar is serving tonight. So don’t! Take advantage of that special Halloween martini, and enjoy every sip – you deserve to have a good night just like everyone else. If you’ve been trying to cut down on alcohol in order to cut down on your calorie count, tonight is the night to reward yourself. The catch? Only have one, and sip it slowly – at the pace it would normally take you to drink two drinks. 

If you’re hosting a Halloween party: It’s no easy task making all those Halloween treats just to let other people eat them and not you. If you’re making three Halloween apps and two desserts for your guests, it’s okay to sample one of each! After all, you’ve worked hard on them. The solution is moderation; it’s okay to have one of everything, but if you’re going back for seconds, try to pick out just one of each app or dessert to indulge in a second time. Also, there are some easy tricks to make foods subtly healthier, such as adding a touch of fruit to your delicious cupcakes or cooking apps in the oven as opposed to frying them in oil.

Halloween is supposed to be fun. Don’t sell yourself short by missing out on the sweets and delicious drinks entirely. If you moderate how much alcohol and junk food you’re taking in, you can still enjoy yourself this Halloween while staying in shape.

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