Eat in NYC: Alice’s Tea Cup

Shall we have some tea and scones? That’s a phrase you probably only hear in England. Fortunately, if you do want some scones and tea, Alice’s Tea Cup is the best place for you to go! With three different chapters in different parts of Manhattan, it has become a popular place for ladies and gentlemen alike to go for a cup of tea, lunch, dinner, or hangout with their friends.

Alice’s Tea Cup is based on what it says in the name: Alice in Wonderland! The elegant restaurant’s menu has many unique selections and packages you can order when you go with your friends or family. They serve a variety of black teas, white teas, green teas, red teas, and herbal teas. In addition, they serve it with scones, of any flavor, and entrees as well!

 The environment of Alice’s Tea Cup will definitely soothe and calm your body and scare away the stress you have whether it may be from a load of work, family, or school. Are you starting to like it yet? It gets better! Alice’s Tea Cup hosts parties and special occasions at all three of their chapters whether it may be a baby shower, a birthday, or girls night out!

Get custom cakes and desserts as well! Go out with your kids, girlfriends, moms, families, or even your boyfriend, to this soothing tea place and see how much happier you come out after drinking their teas and delicious food! Don’t forget the scones, those are the best. Let us know of your thoughts on Alice’s Tea Cup. Go to for additional information.

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