8 Unique Gifts for Your Friend Who Loves to Decorate


Decorating is one of those things that you do when you start to spend more time at home than out. We all have that friend who never stops decorating, even if the room already has too much! Here are my top eight gifts to get for your friend who loves to decorate:

feather-canvasFeathers Canvas Art $29.95

Feathers are in right now and I think they are going to be around for a while. But, why wouldn’t they? This gorgeous feather canvas is a great accent piece for any room!


Botanical Orb Décor $14

A gorgeous way to make a room feel more graceful is to add some simplistic statement pieces! These flower orbs are a great gift to give because as soon as your friend opens the her present, she will be immediately in awe!


Bicycle Book Ends $19.99

If your friend has too many books, but likes to keep all her books on display, this is the gift for her! It’s not only great to have some quirky accent pieces, but these book ends are also functional!


Felt Flowers Wall Décor Set $32.00

This is a gift to give to your friend who barely has any space left on her wall to decorate! These cute felt flowers are girly, fun, and a great way to decorate a wall!


Small Pillar Candle $4.99

Candles can be so incredibly soothing and calming. They are great center pieces to complete any table that might need a little extra something! This candle is all sparkle, which can add just that to any room!


Gummy Bear Lights $27.99

This one is a little out there, but also so great to give as a gift! If your friend loves to decorate and have a fun time at home, this is the gift you need to give her!



Georgina Giraffe Reversible Sequin Pillow $49.99

Having a pillow like this in the home would be the worst thing for me. I would never do anything else besides mess with it. That being said, it’s so gorgeous and fun that any friend would become infatuated with it!


Large Whitewashed Floral Metal Wall Hook $7.99

Convince meets pretty with this floral metal wall hook! Make sure to snag this gift up for your one friend who loves to decorate and always loses her keys.

Make sure to stock up on these gifts as holiday shopping season begins! Better yet, try checking in on the day after Thanksgiving for any great deals you might be able to find!

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