Should Every Bathroom In Your Home Be The Same?

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Most of us have several bathrooms to choose from in our homes. Some may be bigger rooms than others. You may have a guest suite that is rarely used, and an ensuite that is used several times a day. As these rooms differ in size, facility and use, should they ever be fitted out to look exactly alike?

While most bathroom furniture is white, there are indeed hundreds of different styles you can choose from. The shape can vary as can size. The space you have in each bathroom may determine the choice of furniture. Of course, if you have lots of space, that may demand something on a grander scale such as a freestanding rolltop bath.

Should the decor be the same? It can be nice to have a style theme running throughout your home. But in reality, each room is unique in scale and use. One of your bathrooms may not even have natural light. It may make more sense to style each room based on its own given merits. Colors in natural light may not do the room justice when there are only halogen bulbs illuminating the space.

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You may also be wondering if you should allocate the same budget to each bathroom. It may not make sense to do this if you have different sizes and different furniture styles in each. You may allocate a budget based on the square footage of a room. This may work for bedrooms, but bathrooms all need to factor in an installation charge. This may bring the cost of each quite close together regardless of the scale.

If you are planning to cut back in one of the bathrooms, it may be time to do your homework. Check out online reviews and find the best items for the space. You need to know that you’re getting quality products regardless of the budget. It also means you can shop around, pooling ideas from many different designers and manufacturers.

So what should be in each of your bathrooms? Start with the visitor or downstairs bathroom. Chances are all you need is a toilet and handbasin. But it’s worth utilizing the space in this room further. A simple freestanding cupboard could be home to your supply of toilet paper. Maybe your bathroom cleaning products could be stored in here. A serviceable window for ventilation and natural light is always convenient. Don’t forget a good sized mirror. An electric hand dryer is more hygienic than a towel when more people are using the facility.

The master bathroom or ensuite is the bathroom you are likely to use the most. It’s convenient for the last thing at night and first thing in the morning. It may also be your secluded sanctuary to unwind after a long day. A good bathtub may not fit in here. But if you do have the space, why not indulge in a little luxury. A jet spa or jacuzzi bath can be the perfect addition to your personal bathroom.

You may also indulge a little when it comes to your shower enclosure. Interactive lights, speakers, and screens can all be built in so you can start the day in style. It’s a great way to feel refreshed and fully awake! If you share your bathroom with a partner, consider his and hers sinks so you can both use the space at the same time.

The family bathroom is usually the biggest bathroom space in the house. Here you can choose to add stylish touches for the whole family to enjoy. You could provide features that promote relaxation like a floatation tank or a deeper set bath tub. There is likely to be more furniture in this bathroom too. You might add a couple of chairs and a deluxe hanging rail for the towels. An area to hang your clothes can be very handy too.

The floor of a bathroom is traditionally tiled. You may prefer a vinyl covering for a more comfortable floor in the cold weather. With a particularly large bathroom, you may also look to provide a softer carpeted area where you might dress. This could easily be converted into a half dressing room, with extra vanity and storage. Plenty of mirrors help reflect the light and provide the best views for makeup application too.

Our bathrooms are the rooms we want to be cleanest, fresh smelling, and fully equipped to enhance our mood. We might want to relax and unwind. Or we may need to feel a little more invigored. They’re not just about the convenience!

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