Everything To Know About Emergency Room Visits

by Sarah Ruhlman

When you visit AdventHealth Kansas City, you’ll quickly realize just how different they are from other local healthcare options. Their dedicated teams and multiple facilities offer a variety of medical services to help you feel your best. Your health is important, and AdventHealth knows that.

Emergency rooms can seem scary – so let’s break down some of the mystery surrounding them.

What can they do for me?

AdventHealth Kansas City has several locations offering different care for children, adults, and seniors. Some of the services offered include surgical care, heart, and vascular care, cancer care, neurology care, orthopedic and spine care, and special services for women.

The emergency departments of AdventHealth are fully equipped to help you in an emergency, with more capabilities than Urgent Care and Community hospitals. AdventHealth Kansas City locations have imaging technology and board-certified ER doctors 24/7 to help identify the issue and stabilize you. And if you have to be admitted to the hospital, they transport you to the main campus.

What to know about visiting the emergency room

Seeking medical help can be intimidating, but AdventHealth Kansas City is here to help! Aside from the ER on their main hospital campus, they also have ER locations at the Lenexa and South Overland Park campuses. They are, however, in the process of building a new hospital at the South Overland Park location in the next two years!

Where do I go? Primary Care, Urgent Care, or Emergency Department?

If it’s life-threateningEmergency department – Examples include: throwing up excessively, extensive bleeding, you need an IV and attention immediately.

If it’s a straight-forward issue that needs to be treated – Urgent care. Examples include minor broken bones, strep throat, ear infection, something that you won’t die from immediately.

If you have a chronic issue that has been going on for a while – Primary Care – Examples include: slow changes, recurring migraines, things your primary care doctor would notice because they know you best.

Where do I go for a broken bone?

This one is tricky. Different levels of urgent care have different technologies, and not all have had x-ray capabilities. AdventHealth’s Centra Care does have an x-ray, but smaller Urgent Cares might not. If it is a severe enough broken bone or multiple, you should consider an emergency room to get the full attention and care needed. If you get your broken bone treated, and then the next day it’s still hurting – visit urgent care.

Do you always have to go to a pediatric hospital if your child is sick?

Not necessarily! All certified emergency physicians have trained in pediatrics, and they treat children often even if it’s not their specialty. However, if it’s a serious enough illness and the doctors decide that they need special pediatric attention, they will transport you and your child somewhere with the pediatric-specific help you need. As a parent, you don’t have to guess which place will take care of your kid.

What do I do if I think my child has a head injury?

It’s easy to worry anytime your child has hit their head. If they bump their heads and are still running around and acting normal – don’t stress! However, if you notice your kid is not acting normal after a head injury like laying down or refusing to eat, take them into an emergency room.

Resources that make it easy

AdventHealth Kansas City also has an Ask a Nurse phone line, where anyone can call with quick questions for registered nurses. NurseLine is perfect for questions like, “Is my child’s fever too high?” or “I have a pain here, is this normal?” It can also be used when your doctor’s office is closed or for people who don’t have a primary care doctor. The 24/7 number to speak with a nurse is 913-676-7777.

Centra Care is AdventHealth’s urgent care chain stocked with board-certified physicians for both adult and pediatric care. They can be found all across the Kansas City metro area and serve as an affordable alternative to emergency rooms. You might consider going to a Centra Care location for allergies, broken bones, stomach problems, flu shots, and physical exams. Walk-ins are always welcome but you can also make online reservations.

If you’re curious about healthy living or primary care resources, consider visiting the MyHealthKC website. AdventHealth experts share guides and blogs with information on strokes, back pain, meal planning, and other health and wellness topics. You can also take a brief survey and get matched with a PCP and OB/GYN that best matches your health and wellness needs.

AdventHealth Kansas City also offers Bridge Care, which is aimed at patients who are frequent ER visitors who may lack insurance or access to a primary care physician. Bridge Care helps patients navigate the health system with a nurse and a social worker.


AdventHealth Kansas City has three emergency department locations in the area: South Overland Park, Lenexa, and the main hospital campus in Shawnee Mission.

Shawnee Mission

  • 9100 West 74th Street 
  • Shawnee Mission, KS 66204
  • 913-676-2000

South Overland Park

  • 7820 West 165th Street 
  • Overland Park, KS 66223
  • 913-373-1100


  • 23401 Prairie Star Parkway 
  • Lenexa, KS 66227
  • 913-676-8500

Find Out More

AdventHealth Kansas City is an amazing healthcare resource with multiple online and in-person services for everyone. Next time you have questions about your health or body, check out their website or make an appointment with them.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own.

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