Exclusive Interview: Jason Dent From Big Brother 19

by Sarah Scoop
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Jason, also known as Whistle-Nut, competed in season 19 of Big Brother. Here’s what he had to say about his experience on the hit reality show.


“I absolutely had no strategy in mind to play the game- I had never watched the show. I was just doing it because I thought man it would be cool to get on a reality show once in my life.” Since Jason had never watched the show before he had no idea what was going on. He played a great social and physical game though. He would end up aligning himself with Alex and a couple of others. Producers had told Jason to watch at least one season, which he tried to do but he ended up just watching one episode.

Tips for future house guests

Jason had some great advice for future house guests. “They want people that are legit and that are sort of resourceful and inventive.” He explains that they are looking for people who won’t be sleeping all day. They want the house guests to get up and actually do something around the house.

Shock of being on the show


“They tell you a bunch of goofy stuff to keep you guessing”

Jason didn’t know it was his key at first. Since he had never seen the show before he had no idea what was going on. When he opened up his bag to find a key, production had to tell him what it meant. When it finally clicked him and his friends went crazy and he even almost jumped into a pond.

Make sure to listen more to Jason’s interview. Get the run down on his reaction to finding out his wife was pregnant with their second child during the season and what it all meant to him. Check out other Big Brother posts and more interviews.

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The answers have been shortened and edited for clarity purpose.

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