Exclusive Q&A With “What Happens at the Abbey” Star Ashlee Lian

Ever wanted to get the inside scoop on a model, reality T.V. star, and philanthropist all wrapped up in one? Well here is your chance! Our exclusive Q&A with “What Happens at the Abbey” star Ashlee Lian has it all! From what she is doing when she’s off camera to what we can expect from season two, this interview has it all!

I see that you have done modeling in LA and NY. What was that like, and are you still trying to pursuit modeling?

It’s a competitive field that runs parallel to acting…we’re all on the same playground at the end of the day and I would definitely continue to pursue modeling.

How did you start acting and getting involved with reality TV?

Well with acting I did a summer program at Tisch in NYC and fell in love. Reality tv fell into my hands.  As all my friends were in talks to start filming, that’s when I came on board.

What is the hardest part about being on a reality TV show?

The preconceived notions that anyone has prior to getting to know me.

What is your favorite part about being on a reality TV show?

Before the show, I used to only get dirty looks… now it’s 50/50. It’s also a great platform for social media.  I was anti-social media before the show, I literally had 5 followers and no idea how to tweet.

Besides “What Happens at the Abbey”, do you have any other TV shows you like to watch?

Friends. Friends. And some more episodes of Friends. Literally all 10 seasons on repeat constantly.

What was it like to have a relationship be filmed on TV?

It was fun at the time and cringe-worthy having to watch, but all in good fun.

(Photo by Shari Hoffman)

Do you have any love interests at the moment? Or are you embracing the single life?

I’m embracing life at the moment 😉 not to be defined as single .. but yes I am single, you know anyone?

Do you have any regrets from the first season of the show?

Any interactions with Kyle Clarke…

What can we look forward to in the second season?

God, hopefully less of Kyle Clarke? Let’s make America great again!

I hear you are passionate about animal rights, positive body images, and anti-bullying. How have those three things played a role in your own life?

I honestly feel that people who don’t like/care for animals, lack a certain empathy that I can’t relate to… having said that I think animal rights should be taken seriously because there needs to be more of a voice campaigning for them… positive body image is something I think we all go through and my statement is – you could be healthy and still eat desert- I think it’s about being aware of your body and moderation and acceptance of who you are- I think it’s a lifestyle we need to get behind- I’m for healthy but totally against yoyo dieting…

I think in our day and age with social media we bully ourselves more than we did pre-internet and now that we have social media/trolling we’ve lost the ability to communicate properly and have been able to hide behind an identity that’s not us… bullying is so destructive and is usually a reflection of the one doing it. I’ve been a victim to bullying and having experienced it to the point of being told to commit suicide (in front of a teacher I shit you not)! I think people need to know they aren’t alone.  .. I live loving the moments handed to me- honestly it’s all about putting the love out you would like back- I put myself in everyone’s shoes and try to be the best version of myself as possible.

I wasted too much of my life being unhappy with the way I look instead of embracing any imperfections I see. We’re always a lot harder on ourselves and there is an abundance of people looming to be negative but you certainly don’t have to be one. Bullying is huge for me as I’ve never been well-perceived and harshly bullied to the point of being told to commit suicide, but here I am.

 What sort of things are you doing to help with those three very important causes?

Animal rights, I volunteer at local animal shelters weekly. Even if I only have 5 minutes to take a dog for a quick walk that’s 5 less minutes he spends in a cage and 5 more showing them they are worthy of love.

Positive body image- I post real pictures on all my platforms. We all have our good days and bad days. Embrace them all and if someone doesn’t love them that’s great – make way for the person who does 💙

Bullying –  I’m looking into ways to get my voice out there in hopes to knock this downcast on “tattle tailing “…  it’s not tattle tailing, it’s standing up for yourself, and had I done that sooner it wouldn’t have escalated to the point it did. If I can save anyone from going through what I went through, my day is made.

Along with your love for philanthropy, you also have started your own brand. What has that been like?

Supermodel Foodies, my raw dessert company, is time-consuming but it’s a blessing to have something that I’m passionate about. I’m also working on my own lifestyle blog, it consists of things I dig and love around LA – places I like to shop and foods I like to eat too much of.

What led you to come up with the idea of these all natural truffles?

Look. I have zero self-control. Literally none. If I buy a dozen cupcakes (sprinkles red velvet btw good, god kill me now) I will eat all 12. So I came up with the idea of using fruit, which already has natural sugar, and then let’s shift that to an idea of dessert. I have high standards, not just for desserts so I needed to land on something that wouldn’t feel like settling for “being healthy” and compromising taste, god forbid.  The truffles actually started as a fudge. Then I started experimenting with dates and throwing different raw ingredients in the blender and eventually landed on a truffle. And it is To. Die. For. And yes, I can eat 12 and not feel guilty.

Do you see yourself expanding the brand in the future? And do you have any plans for new products at the moment?

Fine tuning the details on this Acai Maca brownie. It’s as insane as it sounds. Buckle up.

(Photo by Shari Hoffman)

You have such great style! What is one item of clothing you think every woman should have in their closet?

I would have to say my go to staple piece is a leather jacket. You can dress up or down anything effortless.

What is one makeup product you won’t leave your house without using?

6/7 days of the week I leave the house naked …in the sense of make-up 😜 but there’s this Chapstick from Whole Foods I’ve developed quite the dependency on and I can’t go a day without it. It has tangerine, coconut oil, beeswax – all things good. It’s amazing. Oooh that a solid sunscreen… hello trying to stay forever young over here.

What is one quote you try to live your life by everyday?

I don’t know where I’m going but I promise it won’t be boring – David Bowie… Needless to say, every day is an adventure for me! Ooh the stories I have.

You can keep up Ashlee through her Instagram and Twitter. Also be sure to check out her delicious treats here and tune in for season two of “What Happens at the Abbey” on E!

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    • Erica
    • August 8, 2017

    it’s unbelievable that bullying still exists and that a teacher would stand by and allow that. Happy that she came out on the other side and can now do something about it.,

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