Exclusive Q&A with Tiny Home Developer Randy Jones

by Ceanna Chapman
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Have you ever thought about converting to a minimalist lifestyle and moving into a tiny home but aren’t quite sure how? Randy Jones started a tiny home company with his own tools and since has built over 100 tiny homes. He now owns a tiny home community. Check out this exclusive Q&A with Randy Jones, tiny home builder and occupant. He provides tips and insight into tiny home living!

Why did you choose to join the Tiny Home movement?

As a business man and carpenter, I’ve seen the over inflated prices that were and still are being used to sell tiny homes and I knew I could bring a fresh design and at a “HUGE” discounted price and still be successful.

Do you live in a Tiny Home community or a single Tiny Home?

I own a Tiny Home Community, called Highlands Ridge. I used live in a tiny home but sold it. I’m not in the process of building me another tiny home.

Is your Tiny House on wheels? / Do you construct Tiny Homes that are on wheels?

All the homes we build are on wheels.

What is the average build time and cost of a Tiny Home?

Average build time for our tiny homes is 3-4 weeks.

How many people does it take to build a Tiny Home?

It takes us an average of 3 people to build a home.

Are there states or cities that are more apt/popular for Tiny Homes?

Yes, some states and cities are totally against tiny homes, whereas the city of Newport, TN and Cocke County, where our community is located, welcome them with open arms.

Have you met a lot of friends through Tiny Home living?

Because we build so many homes and offer a “Build Your Own Tiny Home” Workshop where customs stay at our warehouse for 6 Days and build their own home, we have acquired many friends through the tiny home movement.

Do any of your family members live in Tiny Homes?

Yes, my son does.

What are some things you have learned, that you didn’t expect to learn from living in a Tiny Home?

I have learned that your clutter can get out of hand if you do not keep up, there must be a place for everything.

When trying to sell Tiny Homes to others, what are other people’s main concerns of leaving their “normal” houses? 

“I have to get rid of so much stuff!”

Do you ever miss you old lifestyle? Why or why not?

I do not miss my “old lifestyle” because of the financial freedom it has brought me and the peace of mind I have that my home is paid for and easy to maintain.

When you decided to transition to a Tiny Home/Minimalist lifestyle, how did you decide what items where necessary or important and which items were not?

My transition was easy to a tiny home. I sold everything and only kept the things that were “Not Replaceable” (ex: pictures and important documents). To be a downsizer and to choose tiny homes you already posses a frame of mind to only want things that matter. It’s a declutter of the mind to go tiny as well.

Where do you find inspiration for your Tiny Home designs?

Inspiration comes from looking at all types of structures and trying to implement them into a tiny home. One example is a “Hobbit” Tiny Home I’ve built with a circular door and, I’ve built a “Snow White” themed home with a Thatched Roof.

Do you ever encounter backlash or negativity for your Tiny Home lifestyle? If so, how do you handle it?

There are always people that make lite of tiny home living and most are men, I respond in only knowing the freedom I posses.

How are you able to build Tiny Homes, do well and save your clients money?

We build homes fast, efficient, and custom for less money than “All” other companies in the U.S.A. That keeps customers coming.

What is it like running a business while living out of a Tiny Home?

Running a tiny home business and living tiny goes hand in hand and helps so much in the designs.

I have read a few articles about the Tiny Home trend becoming a “passing fad.” Do you find this to be true? Why or why not?

Fad/Not A Fad! In my opinion, this option for living will be here for good! People always need a place to live, until now the only tiny home was an R.V. which are not equipped to live full time in and these homes are built to be in any condition.

If you could have a Tiny Home in any location, where would it be and why?

Hawaii, they love tiny homes and I love Hawaii, I could live there and not pay a fortune for a home and be able to enjoy paradise instead of saying “It’s to expensive to live there.”

Do you have any pets in your Tiny Home?

Yes, a dog. Most of our customers have pets and some birds!

What is your favorite thing about living in a Tiny Home?

Favorite thing of living tiny is “FREEDOM” plus knowing I have a home of my own and I can live any where especially with our “Off-Grid” package. You collect water/sun and never need utilities.

For anyone considering moving into a Tiny Home, what advice do you have to share?

My advice is to visit our tiny home factory and walk through our homes and see the actual size, we have had customers tour other companies and say our homes are larger and feel bigger. Secondly, try to stay the night in a tiny home. Finally, start living tiny right where you are now; live in one room of your home or apartment.

Can you relate living in a Tiny Home to anything, so readers may construct a mental image?

I always paint mental images for folks…Think About This…instead of walking 12 steps to the kitchen you walk 2 steps, instead of 10 steps to the bathroom it’s 3, and so on…What are we doing with all that space? Heating and Cooling It! And oh, ya Paying For IT!”

If you think tiny home living is for you, Randy Jones is your guy. He designs, builds and can teach you how to build your own tiny home!

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