Facials For Breakfast

Make the most of your breakfast by turning your meals into facials! That’s right- facials for breakfast! Most common breakfast foods, like yogurt, eggs and oatmeal, make perfect ingredients for homemade facials. Treat your skin to one of these natural formulas. They’re quick, simple and easy to prepare. Oh, and absolutely delicious. Your face will eat them up!

Yogurt Mask

Yogurt is a natural moisturizer and reduces the size of pores. Skin becomes extra soft because of the lactic acid it contains. Honey helps retain moisture, keeping your skin smooth and hydrated. This simple 2-ingredient mask is great for cooling skin after a day in the sun:


  1. 1 tbsp.  plain organic yogurt. Thicker yogurts work best. Try plain Greek yogurt.
  2. 1 tsp. honey


  • Combine yogurt and honey
  • Apply to face and leave on for 10 minutes.
  • Wash face with steaming washcloth.

Oatmeal and Yogurt Mask

Oatmeal acts as a natural exfoliant. It brightens your complexion by removing dead skin cells. This face mask is simple to prepare and will cleanse your skin:


  1. 1 tbsp. oatmeal
  2. 1 tbsp.  plain organic yogurt
  3. 1tsp honey


  • Combine oatmeal and yogurt in a small bowl.
  • Run a spoon under hot water for 30 seconds, then add a few drops of honey. This will help warm the honey.
  • Stir honey into yogurt and oatmeal mixture.
  • Apply to face and leave on for 10 minutes.
  • Wash face with steaming washcloth

Egg Whites and Yogurt Mix

Egg whites help tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of pores, and leave the skin looking younger and healthier. This face mask will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated:


  1. 2 egg whites
  2. 2 tablespoons of plain organic yogurt


  • Separate egg whites from yolk and place them in a bowl.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt and mix in with egg whites
  • Apply to face and leave on for 10 minutes.
  • Wash face with steaming washcloth.

And of course after every facial, don’t forget to moisturize!


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    I think this would be fun to do with my man hehe eat the food after the facial!

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