Fake Friends vs Real Friends

Is yourCoachella Day 3 [2ndWeek]- Selfies friend the real deal? Consider these thoughts before you induct a new member into your circle of trust. Lets analyze your relationship! Lets start with gossip.

Gossip can rip a relationship apart. It is a killer of friendships, however it’s a form of bonding.

We love to chat to chat it up about the latest rumors. So, as you can see gossip is important, but what happens when the perspective shifts? How does your friend handle hearing messy stories about you?

Check out these differences between Fake Friends vs Real Friends.

Fake friends immediately tells you what is being said and by who. They instigate the issue causing you stress and distracting you from what is important. They fail to consider your feelings by censoring the story, because after it all they are telling it how they are “just telling it like it is.”

Real friends conversely, analyzes the situation. They establish the importance of the situation. They consider the possibility of a solution. After all of this they decide if this information is worth telling you. If it is worth telling you, They will tell you in a way that you in a way that does not make the situation worse than it is.

Do they care about your well being and encourage you to make beneficial decisions?

Fake friends won’t nag you. Even if it’s important. They don’t care enough about you to encourage you.

Real friends are not afraid to nag you. They will parent you and even in if that means answering your 2 am phone calls.

Senseless conversations are beautiful. They explore the possibilities. They are silly and you can learn a thing or two about your friend.

Fake friends won’t bother entertaining this conversation. They find it trivial and child like. They just want to gossip or hear about what’s going on in your life. They are nosey. Goofy conversations are just a waste of their time.

Real friends will entertain it. They care about how you think one of your dimples are deeper than the other. They will talk about the future with you. They help you interpret text messages.

Friends want you to grow and rejoice in your success, while those who are not your friends simply aspire to be better than you. The way your friend addresses your flaws tells you their motives.

A fake friend can be jealous. They will cease the first opportunity to make you feel less than great. They attack your flaws aggressively, in a way that is hurtful. This is because they find security in your insecurities. Once again, they will use the excuse that they are “telling it like it is”

A real friend has a sense of balance. They mildly and discretely acknowledge your flaws, because they want you to be the best you can be. They are excited about your growth and know how to be happy for you.

Things should never be one sided. If they are, something is up.

Fake friends choose when they want to be your best friend or a stranger. They never text first. They also seem to be a mystery. You are never quite sure whats going on in their life. However, they know your life like the back of their hand.

Real friends will communicate with you mutually. Their friendship is constant and they don’t inquire about your life unless they are willing to share about theirs.

You are the party!

Fake friends only want to hang out when you have snapchat worthy plans. When youre going to the hottest party or hanging out with the cutest guys.

Real friends understand you are the party! All you need are good friends for a good time. Not the hottest party? Well lets take an instagram picture and pretend we are having the best time!

Honesty is always the best way to maintain a friendship. Being completely honest is always a gamble, maybe even a little difficult. However, This is goes hand in hand with gaining trust.

Although a true friend doesn’t “tell it like it is” they are honest. They will tell you the truth like when you are wrong or at fault.

The fake friend has a shift in behavior suddenly. Instead of their usual blunt advice, they become shy. They can be extremely passive. The motives behind their silence can vary, yet its typical.

Lets be goofy!

Fake friends want to remain adult like. They have a false persona to up hold. If having fun puts them at risk of breaking that persona, so be it! This friend is always serious.

Real friends joke! They gives outrageously ridiculous advice like to fake drunk text your crush or dares you to drink hot sauce. You have a thousand inside jokes and understand each others sense of humor.

Know what lines not to cross!

Real friends know what guys are off limits sometimes even before you do. They do not become too close to the guy you are interested in and wouldn’t dare to steal him.

Fake friends want him because you want them! Now that you have given them validation on their opinion of him they are interested. They will wait like vultures till you are done with them. Sometimes they don’t even wait.

They speak your language!

A real friend can read your body language and takes the codes you’ve made up seriously. They know by the look in your eyes when you are ready to be rescued from that awkward conversation.

A fake friend will just look at you crazy! They haven’t taken the time to learn your ways and silly codes simply because it doesn’t matter!

So, is your friend the real deal?

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