Fash-spiration: Penny Lane from “Almost Famous”

While Cameron Crowe’s 2000 film “Almost Famous” epitomizes the best of 1970s music, heroine Penny Lane represents the decade’s best fashion. With perfect curls and a fearless attitude, she takes on the world in a tour bus and looks good doing it. Here are some wardrobe pieces every woman should consider based on Penny’s best looks.

John Lennon Sunglasses

Almost Famous DVD Cover

Penny sports John Lennon frames throughout the film, which are featured on the movie poster and the DVD cover. The circle frames change it up from the usual square sunglasses and give any look a vintage feel. Ditch the Ray-Bans, ladies! Add some John Lennon fashion to your life.

A Shearling Coat

Almost Famous Coat

This is the staple piece of Penny’s wardrobe. Several scenes feature this coat that shows how Penny is fun and fearless. Designers have updated this look with more clean-cut styles, but Penny’s shaggy jacket definitely put the coat back on the fashion map.

(Not Your Usual) Boots

Almost Famous Boots

I’m not talking about your typical boots in muted colors like black, brown and gray. Penny spices up her boots with a little bit of everything. With a white base and splashes of color, the pair’s laces may seem overwhelming. But Penny is never one to be casual. Take a hint from her and add some daring style to your wardrobe.

Crop Tops


Crop tops are definitely back in style especially when it comes to festival fashion, and Penny Lane wore them best. A crochet crop top can show off a lot of skin if you’re fearless like Penny, but a tamer one can even be acceptable on the red carpet when paired with the right bottoms. (Emma Watson knows what I mean.) With so many ways to wear them, crop tops can be incorporated into several outfits.

The next time you want to channel your inner Band-Aid, give Penny’s wardrobe a look. The fashion goddess can definitely give you some tips on taking your outfit from dull to daring.


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