Fashion for the Gym

Fashion as we know it is EVERYWHERE! No matter if you are at work or at the gym, you still want to look good, right?! I have so many favorite brands that I love to wear while working out! I am all about being comfy when I workout. I always wear shorts, not a huge fan of wearing pants while at the gym, I get way to hot, but I love wearing long sleeves and shorts! However I do wear jogging leggings in fall when I run outside, it’s so beautiful! I have a zebra pair by Under Armour that I love! When running outside I do highly recommend wearing bright, loud clothing so cars can see you! If you like to run at night wear a reflective vest or clothing.

Gym Fashion

If you feel good about what you are wearing, you’ll have a better workout! I don’t prefer to wear tight fitting clothing while I workout, I like loose fitting shirts and shorts! I normally wear Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and New Balance. I am a runner so I am very picky about my shoes and I normally wear Nike, but when I was visiting Chicago back in March I found these New Balance running shoes and I LOVE them! They are so light and fit perfectly! I have not gotten blisters from them either which is amazing!

Bottom line for me is if I don’t feel good in what I am wearing, gym included, I know I will either have a not awesome workout or a not awesome day! Feeling confident and good in your own skin is key no matter what you have on! 🙂

What do you love to wear to the gym?! Please share with us!! 🙂

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