Fashion Getaway: The Grand Canyon


Even though, summer is winding down and temperatures are about to cool off, it is still 100 degrees or more in the shade at the Grand Canyon.  So what should one wear?

Unlike the colors gray and black, a staple of the east coast, the southwest is all about color.   Earth tones in particular, like the warm sensational red of the Sedona red rocks, and the deep blue of the native turquoise gems.  Americana denim is a no-brainer and gold and brown tones are abundant.  Native American patterns have been a popular trend lately, but they never go out of style in the Southwest where Native American prints and jewelry abound. 

When on any road trip you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible during those long hours in the car.  These slip-on shoes are so cute and match the spirit of your destination as does this Western hand-tooled leather shoulder bag.  They will be great for all of your sightseeing adventures, unless you’re planning on doing some serious hiking.  Then you’ll definitely want some good hiking boots.  

Some cute colored denim shorts and classic turquoise jewelry are a must.  A light jacket or sweater is also good idea–the nights cool down in the canyon.  Finally, make sure to have sunglasses, water, and sunblock to protect yourself from the heat and harsh sun. You can find this and other cute protective phone cases here. 

This outfit is sure to make you stand out from the crowd even if you aren’t making your way out to the Grand Canyon anytime soon.  Wherever your travels take you, embrace the season with fun, bright colors.  And of course don’t forget a camera so you can reminisce over the amazing experiences you have and all the sights you see!

And if you do get to the Grand Canyon, don’t forget to check out the glass walk if you get the chance!

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