Fashion Take-over: Ombré Trend

The Ombré trend has taken the fashion universe. Everyone, from unknown designers to the runway fashion in Paris, this summer Ombré is the trend to have. It first started off with the celebrities that just didn’t want to get their roots touched up. One of the more famous socialites that has rocked the ombré hair for the longest would be Khloé Kardashian. Not only, is her hair perfect every time she leaves the house; but she has always had her hair dark brown fading into the honey golden blonde color at the tips. Now, everything has the ombré trend; hair, shirts, shorts, even food. Just like the raging neon trend or mix-matched pattern trend its taken over.

Aside from hair, different clothing now has the ombré effect to them. One of the cutest ways to wear ombré are in shorts. It is summer time anyways so ombré adds a totally differnt style to the average blue jean or white shorts. Adding color to a fun summer outfit is what we all strive for, to be the cutest or most colorful when walking down the boulevard . The fade of the shorts do not always have to be dark or light another cute way is light fading to dark, which adds color to the bottom portion making it easier to see. Cute ombré shorts and shirts can be found ever, but Forever 21 is one of the best places to find all colors. Making a D.I.Y ombré short or shirt can be also be just as fun as shopping for it.

SIY: OMBRE Dip Dye Studded Shorts!


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